Jay Smith for NO LIMITS RADIO, the best DJ out the city – NAH …. REGION.

Go ahead and bless yourself.

Also, find Jay’s “Episode 2” mix below.

3 MAN WEAVE is a production crew consisting of Siddiq, BassRob and Jackie Tran … this tape is their debut. Made in one night,


Jackie Tran probably rambling about some shit he hate to LOTS while working on “Hardest Round The Belt” …. tape is closer than you think.
BassRob working on some production @ the HQ. Yeah, it ain’t much but beautiful stuff comes from it – work with what you have and speak/grind what you want into existence!!

Jay Smith kicking off the new year with a new idea.

With Siddiq backing him, they invite you to THEIR world. From the fashion to the music, these mixes will feature some shit you heard, never heard, and what you need to hear.

Stream Episode 1.

Vacation Bible School = Ronny DoGood, SwaVay, Grier Smith, Daylen Gideon and BISHOP,

“AYO!” and “STILL” = MY SHIT.

Daylen Gideon mixtape, this go!

Tape hosted by Jay Smith.

LOTS, Jackie Tran and Cantew chilling while working on LOTS new project, “Hardest Round The Belt” …. SOON.

The final installment off Jay Smith’s “Vol 1” mixtape …

The record features Jackie Tran, Well Connected (Hundros + Siddiq), GodBody Bingo, and is produced by BassRob.

“Vol 1” features Ro J., Daylen Gideon, DJ Thomas, BVal, Fee Carter, and Jaycenth.

Jay is the best DJ out of Houston hands down, tap in!

Siddiq and Hundros repping Acres Homes @ the Imperial store in Houston for GodBody Bingo’s “Off The Books” album release show … BassRob at the same show below.
“Off The Books” and “Well Connected” available now on all DSP!

“Well Connected”
– Raps: Hundros, Siddiq
– Beats: BassRob
– Mix/Master: Jackie Tran
– Art Photography: Jay Smith