Reviewing Aakesh Samuels’ Debut Project; Golden Dreams

From the very first track you hear, you realize that you are about to be taken on a trip. With beats to smoke to and lyrics to ride with, Aakesh injects a breath of fresh air into Houston’s hiphop scene.

From beginning to end, Aakesh Samuels’ Golden Dreams delivers with a raw and authentic feel (it’s unmixed and unmastered). A new wave of Houston hiphop, Aakesh takes you through the obstacles of everyday life and the struggles of reaching your dreams. You can hear the emotions in his voice, the pain and determination seeps through the speakers throughout the whole tape. He sees his dream the way Constantine clearly saw heaven.

Golden Dreams delivers with influences of the new era but never letting you forget that vintage Houston feel. From “catch me doing 45 on 45” on Slower Motion (line courtesy of Chino, who we’ll talk about in a later article) to giving you Dat Funk, Aakesh is able to express his talents through a catchy variety of beats resulting in a very cohesive project. He shares some of his story on Stay Real where he talks about what he is striving for and Risks, where you fully realize that he isn’t just rapping for himself but for his family, to give them the life he feels they deserve.

Overall, Golden Dreams is a solid debut for the up and coming Aakesh Samuels. You can’t help but to be excited for what the young Houston emcee has in store for us next.

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– Dro, MJR


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