Justin Jermaine’s 2for1

Newcomer Justin Jermaine releases 2 projects at once hoping to make a little splash before his next project and yup, he’s from Houston. If you been checking us out you should notice the trend by now. We’re looking to expose our own, the rest will come later.

Being a huge Doom fan he drops off a MF mix (going by Justo2000Likes), along with an EP from 2012 (where he goes by Junebug). You can see the DOOM  influence.

The Doom mix is recent but his first attempt at creating a mix, and the Knuckleheads EP is for those that love lo-fi boom bap slaps. You can check both out here.

Knuckleheads’ Original Artwork:

Justin explained to me that this was his first selfie on a cellphone via 2005. The gun was given to him by a schoolmate and the photo plays a theme for the 3tracks from his Knuckleheads EP (Knuckleheads 1&2, The Reformation of Negative Tendencies). Originally it was supposed to only be these 3tracks but after revisiting he decided to add a few more.

Over time he realized that gun was not what he wanted to represent him.

If you’re looking for more present work, this is a track recently released titled Rose. With production by Cameron McKerry, Justin trades bars with Novus Prince, a 16 year old to keep an eye on.

All artwork done by Justin Jermaine.

IG: @justinjermaine333
Twitter: @JustinJermaine3

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/justinjermaine

Tweet @wemajorwemajor

Jackie Tran, MJR


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