#WeMajor Update, New Music From Aakesh & Chino

Hope y’all had a splendid holidays. We here at MJR, have a lot of great things on the horizon. More details soon.

It seems like Aakesh and Chino both released new tracks on Christmas Day, MNL Party.

Aakesh talks adventure time, weed and big dreams with a shorty on a track titled Chill produced by XIV.

Chino celebrates Christmas inspired by a better future on Brighter Days produced by Chris Prythm.

Both hailing from the same camp, MNL, they released new tracks that bring positive vibes for the new year.

Aakesh is currently working on a couple new projects. One titled .38 Special, a short EP, and the other well, to be honest I forgot the title. It’s something along the lines of Kung Fu Cartoons, but I’m not sure. My bad. Anyways, that one is slated to be somewhere between 13-17tracks. Aakesh is smooth with the rhymes so be on the lookout.

And last but certainly not least the MNL CEO, Chino. He’s gearing up for a new project as well. The details on this one has not yet been determined but one must note that he has gotten better with every project so we should be in for a treat.

**not sure if it’ll come anytime soon but they have a project together too**

Thank you for the support and as always let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Jackie, MJR

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