GxFR: Griselda by Fashion Rebels

From Buffalo, NY, there is a label by the name of Griselda Records. Consisting of Westside Gunn, Conway, their producer Daringer and a few other affiliates, I have been listening to these guys nonstop since discovering them some months ago. Braggodocious rhymes over hypnotic samples, this is east coast hiphop at its finest. I was turned on by Westside Gunn’s FLYGOD album, coincidently around the same time I started watching HBO show, The Wire (best show ever). This is no coincidence. The parallels between the music and show were incredible. Like Bubs, I was addicted and needed more.

So I started digging and stumbled upon, Don’t Get Scared Now, which featured label affiliate Mach Hommy and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Then shortly after we were blessed with a new Westside Gunn release, There’s GOD And There’s FLYGOD Praise Both. I simply couldn’t get enough, I kept digging and digging to feed my addiction. There were so many projects; Hitler Wears Hermes 1-3, Griselda Ghost, Hall & Nash, and Reject 2 to name a few. The music was so consistent from the raps to style to sound. It’s been a while since I found new artists that have really caught my ear, to the point where I was really bored with rap. Then to discover these guys? It was so refreshing to hear something new that wasn’t melodic trap. And even better that it was something so New York.

Conway was shot in the back, back of the head/neck area and is rapping his ass off. Some Kanye Through The Wire type stuff, slight twist but nevertheless I’m inspired to get it.

For a while New York has been off the grid. Sure you had Pro Era, which faltered a bit in my opinion, the music is not bad but hasn’t caught my ear since Joey’s debut, 1999 (I like that Devastated track). A$AP is out here but doing other things and not really that NY is back sound. Same with those 3rd eye groups that made a little noise few years back. Muthafuckin Exxquire as well as Roc Marciano always hold it down but it seems like they hit their ceiling unfortunately. I put my faith into Griselda Records (Retchy P?). Your Old Droog is dope too but since that debut the beat selection has been a little iffy for my personal taste.

Feel free to leave a comment,

and check the latest drop from Conway, Prodigy and Daringer,

as well as a new video from Westside,

I’m not a writer, I’m a fan.

Jackie Tran, #wemajorwemajorwemajorwemajor


  1. bra..you need catch up on brownsville mc KA if you aint had your shot of ny hiphop since you discovered griselda.
    Ka been dropping gems for years now. His latest project ‘Honor Killed the Samurai’ is out now. Salute.


  2. You need to catch up on brownsville mc KA if you havent got your shot of ny hiphop before you discovered griselda. He’s been dropping gems for years. His latest project ‘Honor killed the Samurai’ is out now. Salute.


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