Westside Gunn Releases Hermes 4; Conway Is The Truth

A few weeks back, things got spooky as Westside Gunn released the fourth installment of his Hitler Hermes series on Halloween. With a nice piece of Hitler art for the cover I was left haunted by Westside’s flow and production. To be honest this happened after a good handful of spins because on first listen I didn’t like the project. Blame Conway for that.

“Ask my baby momma how much I cried when Machine Gun died,
When I pulled up and seen that yellow tape outside,
Had me ready to grab the stick and go ape outside,
I never found out who did it that shit ate my pride,
I swear, but maybe that was a sign,
Maybe god ain’t want me killing them niggas
And doing time,
Maybe god wanted me here to kill em’ with the rhyme,
Maybe that was part of his plan and part of the design,
I don’t know I’m not religious..

I hit the rewind button after hearing his verse on the intro multiple times before proceeding with the rest of the album. You could feel the pain in his voice. I was in the house telling every rapper to step their pen game up. I find it funny how a lot of artists either slang/carry a ’38 or have friends that do if you want to get testy. I do not feel threatened. I’m not sure how to explain it but you can just tell when someone is genuine with their lyrics. Their demeanor, delivery, way with words, you can just tell when it’s how they’re living and that’s why I rock with the artists I rock with.

When I finally proceeded with the album, and after a few spins, it was nice to hear features from DZA and Stalley. I haven’t heard a verse from either one since.. I want to say 2013. My interest grows with every Benny guest spot, will we ever get an EP? He always delivers. I am absolutely ready for Conway’s GOAT album. I love Westside on Aunt Rosie’s. I feel you bro. Aunt Rosie’s is a great heartbroken ballad and one of my standout tracks from the album.

Give the album a listen, leave a comment, check out the Buffalo Soldier’s documentary by REVOLT TV, and check out our very own Justin Jermaine’s chopped&screwed mix of Westside’s Summerslam 88.

If you remember Justin Jermaine he dropped a couple projects exclusively through us about a year ago. He recently joined the team off the strength of the vision and we couldn’t be more grateful. He is trying to perfect his DJing craft and is also trying to take off with his Vegan Catering Business. Big things in the future for our newest team member. Show him some love as well.

I’m not a writer, I’m a fan and I support good people,

Jackie Tran


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