Quick Review; DZA x Pete Rock, Don’t Smoke Rock

Hope y’all enjoyed the holidays. Justin Jermaine dropped off a dope Chopped&Screwed rendition of Tha Dogg Pound’s I Wish I Had Luv. Check that out here. Last week of the year, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Christmas2016 + Justin Jermaine

-Designed by Jackie Tran

I have never been the biggest Smoke DZA fan. His work as a whole is solid but nothing that would allow me to grant myself a true fan. I respect what he does in this game but I did not anticipate how much I needed this project.

DZA and Pete Rock did not fall short, like Ewing at the Garden. Pete Rock is a well-respected legend but legends in this new era? Man, I don’t know, this wasn’t a project that was on my radar like that. I tell you though, I was beyond impressed. DZA really flexed his pen game on this album and Pete, well he Rock’d the beats. Let the bad puns live.

Track2- “The boy dead seria (Syria), watch how they ice us (ISIS)”

How do y’all feel about Dave East? He was buzzing a few months back and I was seeing a lot of praise for his skills as an MC but I’m not feeling the music I heard so far.

Track3- “Take Eric Gardner’s killers, give me Sean Price back, P!”

Does Rick Ross ever not come correct on the track? Maybach Music is very fitting because his flow is so smooth. Minus 4 of the 17 total songs, Black Market is a personal classic. I wish more artists would take the less is more route. Would make a lot of mediocre albums great.

Track4- Verse2

No drums on the loop, scratches for the chorus, love that 2nd verse from DZA, very rare I like a Royce Da 5’9 feature.

I’m not going to go through the whole album. Highly recommended though, Don’t Smoke Rock has gotten me through the month/rest of the year. Well above Ab-Soul and JCole’s. Like TMac on Shawn Bradley if we comparing the albums.

Features: Dave East, Rick Ross, Royce Da 5’9, Ab-Soul, Wale and Dom Kennedy, to name a few.

DZA said a video will surface for every song on the project so be on the look out for that. As always, thanks for the time, leave a comment and tweet @wemajorwemajor.

I’m not a writer, I’m a fan,

Jackie, MJR

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