100 Miles w/ Isa Muhammad

After dropping one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in recent times, Maybach Music’s newest signee(?), says he’s done making music.

Hailing from Inglewood, CA, I discovered Isa out of curiosity. I saw someone claim Isa Muhammad to be one of the best rappers out on my Twitter feed. A few days passed and someone else tweeted a YouTube link to one of his tracks. I clicked the link, which ended up being a song called “William Roberts” featuring Rick Ross. Ross simply added some adlibs, but those extra vocals on top of Isa was enough to capture my attention. Scrolling through the comments I found out that he was once homeless. On the recommended column of the Youtube video is where I realize that Isa Muhammad is the same dude that cypher’d for Ross a few months back. What a story. Rick Ross signs a homeless man after his “Big Sean moment.”

Isa says he is not MMG however. He says that MMG did not think he would sell, and Rick Ross only signed him after information leaked that he was getting an MMG deal. Via tweets from Isa himself, he went on to praise Rick Ross for his generosity. Ross gave Isa $10k, allowed Isa to stay in his home for months, took him everywhere and introduced him to everyone.

But the game is the game.

I’ve heard many stories about the politics and shadiness of the music industry and this seems to be no different. Isa says Ross was very kind, but a lot of the people he met were not. They weren’t there for the music, they only wanted fame. And Isa wanted no part of that.

Throughout this mixtape you walk 100 miles with Isa Muhammad. The same 100 miles he walked towards the sun to find himself. From a broken home to Holyfield’s abandoned mansion to Ross’s luxury home, you can tell through the music his love for life is pure. His mission in life is more than simply making music. He loves Allah, his family and his skin. Isa doesn’t want to make music, he wants to be a good family man and help his people/community.

Forget the music.

At this point I realize Jay Electronica will more than likely never drop his album. Not one artist owes us anything. We take for granted what these artists sacrifice to provide us with entertainment and sometimes forget they are also human. I am not mad at Isa’s decision at all.

Thank you for the insight and mixtape you provided us with. Best wishes on your journey.

Jackie, MJR

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