The Trill Is Back! Chino Proclaims On A New EP

The South has taken over the rap industry, and rap is taking over the music industry.

Houston has the potential to become the powerhouse of the South. Business is booming, the music scene is growing and the culture is captivating.

With Atlanta making huge strides, the mainstream musical landscape has begun to mimic that. But why not Atlanta? Why would Houston be the powerhouse of the South and not Atlanta? Though, Atlanta has taken over the rap scene I feel like Houston, as a city, is a bigger overall attraction than Atlanta.

Once upon a time, there was a whisper about the South. “No one is spitting down there. They’re too slow.” But like everything in life it comes full circle.

I cringe when a rapper from the east coast attempts to make trap/Southern music. The styles don’t blend well. There are exceptions but I’m speaking from a general standpoint.

With Atlanta’s triumphant run, the Houston influenced A$AP Mob blowing up, and a growing city, who is ready to take Houston’s throne?

I don’t label Travis Scott as a Houston artist. Houston just doesn’t come to mind when his name is brought up. So for the moment the throne is still vacant.

If you don’t know Chino, I wrote about him here.

Founder of Money Never Loses ENT (MNL), Chino is heavily influenced by Screw and Houston culture. He’s been rapping about it since his first recording session. Constantly hash tagging #DoinItFoScrew, in a conversation, he later gave me an explanation for the hashtag. “I just want to make music, live life and be comfortable. Screw was a movement. He put people on. I want to do the same for my people.”

Shot and edited by Jackie Tran.

Engineered by Jackie Tran, Chino proclaims, “The Trill Is Back!”, over colorful production by 318tae. “Country rap tunes”, he likes to call them.

The new EP is 7tracks, 20minutes long and features what sounds like his best work yet. The writing skills continue to improve for Chino, shown on Texas Hold and Today.

He is getting better, the music is sounding better, and the product is looking better.

I talk about progression and evolving frequently as vital keys for artists. The end result of it is very beneficial for both the artist and consumer. Chino is impressive with this one.

The World Is Yours Interlude comes after the intro in which he states, “life’s bigger than eighths and 7grams… To see a quick dollar you don’t have to be topless.” Believe in yourself when no one else does, he raps. This interlude serves as an ode to DJ Screw but has some depth to it as well. The world is yours, go get it.

Every feature on here brings it, the production is solid, the EP is cohesive, and the little instances like that interlude are hidden gems. Lil Wayne makes a special appearance as well. This EP is just good hiphop. Back To Rap is the “curtains close” example of that.

Houston is still up for grabs since I last wrote about Chino, can he take it? Who is on your Houston radar?

Check out the new music. Leave a comment below.



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