Only Christopher We Acknowledge


20 years to the date, (March, 9, 1997), one of the greatest rappers to ever grace the mic was fatally shot in Los Angeles, CA. Above is Biggie with Puff. One of the last photos taken before his death.

Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. had it all. One of the best story-tellers with an undeniable flow and lyrical ability, he was appreciated by all hip-hop fans (and in my personal top3). He dropped so many gems/wisdom in his music. To think he did all of this by age 24, it’s truly a shame. Beanie Sigel said it best @ 2:02.

And Biggie was getting better. What he did on his last recording, Victory? We didn’t witness prime Biggie yet, we were close but not yet.

I saw someone tweet today that Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC and TPAB would out-duel Ready To Die and Life After Death. Lil homie needs to pass that blunt.

Kendrick has been suspect since signing with Interscope. When I heard GKMC, I knew it was meant to appeal to the masses. Good album, but it had that mainstream/commercial sound. And though I think TPAB is amazing, I haven’t revisited the project in a very long time. Both projects didn’t have the lasting impression Section80 or Overly Dedicated had. Maybe because they’re not as organic?

He’s rapping Eminem-like since the GKMC era. High-toned voice and a sped up flow. I don’t like it. A conspiracy formed is the Interscope/Aftermath machine (via @SunLade, a very informative dude on the culture).

The Aftermath/Interscope machine is Lade’s theory on how they stole the market, how 50 Cent singlehandedly dismembered New York rap, and how they make their artists appeal to middle-class America. GRODT and The Massacre. Somewhere (whereabouts unknown), there is an argument that Kendrick is meant to appeal to the “woke” audience.

Hopefully the Griselda boys’ Westside and Conway don’t fall victim to this. They recently signed to Shady Records, but it’s only a distribution deal so I doubt they’ll change. I just don’t see it also, but let’s hope.

However, this post is about Biggie. Below is two links:

The link below is a Pigs&Planes article where they interviewed Robert Cagel aka Zauqael, speaking on Biggie’s unknown life in North Carolina before he blew up. The two met each other through hustling and formed a strong bond.

From a reliable source, Biggie used to work at a local grocery store in Brooklyn. The owner said Biggie was the nicest person he ever met. So kind that when he was told about Biggie’s hustling lifestyle he couldn’t believe it.

This second link is a thread of what Biggie planned to do in the years to come after the release of Life After Death.

The man was ahead of his time.

Jay Z and Biggie would’ve been the greatest duo. They matched each other perfectly. Brooklyn’s Finest, I Love The Dough, Young G’s.

Thinking about it, it reminds me of Vince Staples and Earl Sweatshirt. The way they complimented each other, and didn’t want to get washed by the other. That type of chemistry creates amazing records. Elimination Chamber, Hive.

Two dope MC’s that respected each other as rappers and friends, but having the competitive spirit wanting to come out with the hottest verse at the end of it all. Junior Mafia speak on it here:

What’s your favorite Biggie track, verse, memory?

Leave a comment below. RIP to the legend.



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