Griselda x Shady; The Essence Is Back

Last week, it was announced that the Griselda Boys signed a deal with Shady Records. At first I was skeptical, though Aftermath usually brings their artists success, the music tends to be bland for me (comparing TDE’s music before/after the deal, 50 Cent’s pop turn and the lyrical ability yet very ok songs Slaughterhouse churns out). After learning it was only a distribution deal, I figured they would be alright. Like Rocafella.

I’m assuming there was a bidding war with RocNation.


Prior to the news, Westside Gunn released an EP tilted, Riots On Fashion Avenue. 12 tracks consisting of an intro, outro, 2 new rap tracks, 2 remixes of those tracks and 6 instrumentals.

Following the news, Westside and Conway released a Just Blaze produced track…

Respect to the legend, but has anyone else been unimpressed by Just Blaze’s beats as of late? I know he gets tired of rap so he must not be as inspired. Who do you think won the Swizz vs Just battle?

…most of their projects were taken down from streaming services, and the Griselda Boys (Westside, Conway and Benny) stopped by Sway In The Morning to unleash some fury.

Didn’t I say we needed a Benny project? Yup, I said it when Westside released Hermes 4. I didn’t know at the time but Benny is Griselda, his rhymes are picturesque. “Got my GED behind bars in a cage, almost cried when I seen my daughter crossing the stage.” Benny lowkey washed Conway on this one. Then they stopped by Statik Selektah’s show…

Another view of the same freestyle below…

…and Conway redeemed himself. The essence is back! After hearing these freestyles, me and a few homies definitely got that Rocafella/Dipset feel.

The new business partners released Hitler On Steroids the same day of these freestyles. A DJ Green Lantern mixtape combining old and new tracks, to put the new fans up to speed.

Congratulations on the deal fellas. 12projects in two years? Y’all deserve it. Make sure to check out the full Sway interview here, if you’re unfamiliar with the future legends.

Oh and Benny does have a few projects out. 1 On A 1My First Brick. 17 Bullets.

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