T-Shawn Opens For Big Baby D.R.A.M.


Last night, the University of Houston held their annual Frontier Fiesta which had D.R.A.M. headlining and local artist T-Shawn opening.

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T-Shawn is from Dallas and currently a student at UH. A slight flex in introducing T-Shawn from his hype man, “T-Shawn has garnered a million hits on Spotify.” Not a bad feat, not a bad intro (Sway is the king of introductions).


This video doesn’t exist

I was impressed by T-Shawn’s stage presence. With a 30-40min set, he brought good energy and showmanship to the stage. A couple dancers in the background, a couple singers came out, there were beach balls and a sex doll being tossed around, a quick DJ show off (Juice da 5’5) and a little tootsie roll action, it definitely kept me entertained.

Videos are fresh. His sound is fresh. He makes feel good music, vibes.

Posted above are a couple tracks that are standout favorites of mine from T-Shawn. Check them out and also check out his latest project below.

Show some love if you feeling the kid, leave a comment. Preciate the time.



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