Soup, Brady Watt & Erva Carter Shined w/ N The Clouds

Disclaimer: I’m not a writer I just want to help spread cool underground acts.

N The Clouds = Boi Dru & Jay Kell, a rap duo here in Houston, TX. They headlined a show this past Friday at White Oak Music Hall that had one of the better crowds/acts at a local show in recent memory. Beautiful venue by the way.

Boi Dru far left, Jay Kell far right. Rap music always sounds better with live instrumentation. Check their latest track here, it has a Cali feel.

The singer on stage with them is Erva Carter.

Erva has a very strong yet soothing voice. Not sure what was I expecting but I didn’t expect her music to sound like this. The rest of the tracks on her Soundcloud are similar. I don’t mean this in a negative way.

Rap artist Soup in the background filming Brady Watt on the bass. Two good acts that opened for N The Clouds.

Brady Watt is a producer and bass player who has worked on countless projects. What sticks out to me is his work with the BluRoc/Creative Control era. That might be my favorite era of underground music. I believe Dame Dash was producing Rocafella 2.0. Unfortunately, it never came into fruition how it should’ve.

21sec in, look who it is….. Brady Watt is a legend in my eyes. He worked on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk I and II, some personal classics.

This is my favorite track Soup performed at the show. No pun.

Soup is a rap artist from Compton, now in Houston. On a dark stage he tended to resemble Pusha T in appearance at times. He had a good bounce to himself and his music. Someone to look out for.

Check out the acts that performed at the show. All were solid. Show some love and support if you’re feeling the music.

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