Budden vs Yachty Takes A 360 Midway Through


Last week, controversial artist Lil Yachty joined Joe Budden and DJ Akademics on Everyday Struggle, a morning show covering news and issues in hiphop and pop culture.

I watched the show in two parts. The first part being up to the point where the 360 deal was first mentioned.

Here are my thoughts up to this point.

Budden was too hot with his take. You can’t talk to a kid like that. It’s natural for them to tune you out and rebel with that approach. Budden has to understand that this is a new era. Rap has changed. This is something he can’t seem to fathom. This is something a lot of people can’t seem to fathom. But change is imminent whether good or bad.

Moving on.

I don’t want to hate on Yachty because he’s a kid. A kid living and enjoying life but I have never been a Yachty fan. I don’t like his music (Peek A Boo is hard though), and I especially didn’t like him dissing the past. I have no problem with him not growing up on that generation’s music but the disrespect was unnecessary. This is why I believe he’s a pawn. Yachty and Uzi.

It seemed like once Yachty discredited the past by dissing Tupac and praising Drake his endorsements came. I mean I only knew of the kid because of a viral tweet (One Night), and his Minnesota record.

Correct me if my timetable is wrong.

Once he was in the headlines saying Drake is better than Pac, he got his Sprite commercial with Lebron, Target endorsement, and became the creative designer for Nautica. Who gets these endorsements virtually out of nowhere? It’s like the industry rewarded him. I only knew of him from two accounts, a tweet and one record!

To believe my theory you have to believe that there is a higher power.

I believe because Pac was so anti-establishment and Drake is so willing to follow suit, that once Yachty said that he, possibly unknowingly, sparked a revisionist history. They would rather rid the history books of Pac because of what he stood for. This would further push rap from it’s true essence.

You must’ve heard it more than once that rap is not just music but a culture. It was a culture created when they took music classes out of the urban communities. It is a tale of struggle and survival. The pioneers fought for something bigger than just making money. They fought for their movement, their culture. This is why the “old heads”, are disgruntled on where rap is heading. It is absolutely more than music. It’s about preserving what hiphop stands for.

Before Yachty and Budden faced off, an article came out (via Pigs&Planes) about whether rappers should know the history. The author of that post didn’t think so. Another person quoted the tweet and said, “they only want you to know the history so you can make “old” music.” Both accounts are false. It is important to know the history of any craft. This is how you become a master, by being a student. It’s not to recreate something but rather to innovate. You take what’s been done and manipulate it to create something new. This particular method doesn’t have to be done but knowing the history certainly benefits more than hurts. And you preserve what hiphop stands for. Why are 80 year old men in suits dictating what’s hot and what’s not?

Yachty, Uzi and a lot of rappers are being led on by a bag. You dangle money, girls and fancy things in front of those that came from nothing? It’s hard to convince the artist that the label is the bad guy. They’re giving them everything. However, these kids are not aware of what they’re doing or how they’re being taken advantage of. This erasing the history narrative only profits the suits and not the culture. They’re trying to take what once belonged to those in urban America.

Don’t trust the bag, respect the culture.

The culture will have your back when the suits are done using you.


Cover for Teenage Emotions above. Yachty claimed this was all him and his team. They handle all the creative aspects. But like Budden, I also thought Yachty’s album cover was a label push. The gay/all lives matter agenda has been a constant narrative in the mainstream world.

Part 2.

After the midway point, when Yachty said he didn’t know what a 360 deal was? I was sick, I immediately thought someone is not looking out. Probably Coach K, an A&R and manager. I’m sure he took a nice cut for setting up that 360 deal. For those that don’t know what a 360 deal is, it means the label takes a cut from everything the artist makes. The label essentially feels, “we’re the ones investing in you, allowing you to live your dreams. We deserve a cut from all of your money.”

I was sick. From this point on, it feels like Budden really takes the father figure role. Yachty was talking about how well his brand is doing yet is in the shadows of his own business? How do you not know if you’re in a 360? If your team handles all the creative aspects why even be in a 360? Why let the suits take a cut of everything when y’all do everything? Yachty’s answers from this point became shorter and he seemed quieter. Like he just had a moment of realization.

Someone is taking advantage of this kid.

It gave me the same feeling as when Lyor Cohen slithered out the cut when Young Thug was on Sway In The Morning. Lyor plus a few more executives were babysitting Young Thug for 75% of the interview. Who is Lyor to tell Thug if he could play music and what music he could play? Yes, it’s the contract Thug signed but this leads me to; ARTISTS, OWN YOUR MUSIC. (@ 29min)

Labels should be partners, not employers.

If you make the art, you should be the owner not an employee.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.49.15 PM

As shown above, Yachty has since clarified that he is not in a 360 deal. But I’m not sure, I’m still skeptical. I’ll let you decide however. For Yachty’s sake, I hope he isn’t. I like the kid. I like his attitude. And though he said he didn’t care about how the old heads viewed him, the fact he always replies shows he does. To me that means his conscious is still in tact. You hear stories about how terrible the industry is, but the industry hasn’t taken that aspect of his away. Here’s to Yachty.

Leave your thoughts below.





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