Justin Jermaine Is On Fire!

Justin Jermaine keeps blazing my speakers with his Chopped&Screwed music. Scroll down or check his soundcloud page and see for yourself.

Freddie Gibbs-20 Karat Jesus

TLC-How It Works

Syd-All About Me

Pusha T x JayZ-DDA

Sayomi Klan-Lil Hat

Marcus The Poet-The Big Picture

“If it wasn’t for DJ Screw, this track wouldn’t exist… “, more than likely sits in the description of his music.

What I like about Justin is that he touches tracks other DJ’s aren’t touching. He’s been introducing me to some new tunes since he began, which is very similar to DJ Screw. DJ Screw introduced his audience to new music, the only way they would hear those tracks were if they were on his cassettes. With each track released, Justin reassures that that is indeed his plan.

Show Justin Jermaine some love and check out his work.


Above is something Justin emailed me. It appears he has a mix on the way so be on the lookout for that.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you’re not familiar with Justin, familiarize yourself here, and towards the end of here.



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