RIP Prodigy

June 20th, 2017, the legendary emcee, 1/2 of The Infamous Mobb Deep, out of Queensbridge, New York has passed away due to complications caused sickle cell anemia crisis. News broken by a Instagram post from Nas.


At 42 years young, Prodigy made his mark as one of the grimiest street rappers hiphop has ever witnessed. Let’s take a look back and appreciate some of his career.

“I break bread, ribs, 100$ bills. Peel on Ducatis and other 4wheels. Write a book full of medicine and generate mills. Your the album, only for more sales.”

He actually wrote a book called My Infamous Life, plus a prison cookbook called My Infamous Prison Cookbook. Below is Prodigy speaking on wack/fake rappers before heading to jail exclaiming, “stop rapping and go paint a fucking house!”

Prodigy beefed with Pac, Nas, and Jay Z in their primes, and then signed to G-Unit in theirs. Here he is killing it with Curren$y.

Always loved this beat. Alchemist is the truth.

I heard from my homie BassRob that Prodigy wrote in his book about the time he first met Alchemist. On that day he said, “ah Feds think they’re slick, disguising as producers now,” because he was white, LOL. Prodigy probably tested him like make a beat right now, and when Alchemist chopped some fire Prodigy probably thought to himself, “Feds did their homework. I’ll take the beat but make sure I don’t incriminate myself on it,” LOL.

The following excerpt is my homie Justin Jermaine chiming in on Prodigy’s death.

“I don’t even know how to start this shit. Bandana fuckin’ P. His music, especially his solo work, was dear to me. He was the voice of the gritty underdog, the relentless fighter, the lamb who bumped heads with the goats and the flock of countless rappers in between. You can ask Nas and Hov, P held his own with no fucks given. His beef with 2Pac is documented on the greatest diss track of all time, I ain’t bullshittin’ you.

My nigga P was a fighter bruh. Before he had to fight half of the rap industry (lol), he got his scars and toughness from scuffling with sickle cell anima. Listen to “You Can Never Feel My Pain”, where he explains his bout with sickle cell, and how it made him the non-sociable asshole who wanted to punch you in your face just for living (he doesn’t say that in the song ha). I discovered that song around the time I was dealing with an illness myself, and that track was a tear jerker.

I felt like P was an underdog who spoke for underdogs such as myself. Whenever I heard a hot new Prodigy verse or song, it felt like a win for the home team. I rooted for that nigga because he was representing me in a sense. And it never hurts to have a representative when you feel voiceless.

Raw, unique, independent thinkers who are ahead of their time. He touched on a gang of social issues a lot of y’all are just being “awaken” to now.

I embraced his solo discography, everything from the HNIC series to the Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP (hold this one close to my heart), Return of the Mac, etc. He left us with enough work to hold his legacy down for ages. He helped teach niggas the Dun Language so I gotta hold it down.

I really got into Prodigy as a solo artist when he was released from Jail. It’s something about seeing black men come home from jail that makes me cheerful, like it’s a holiday. I still remember the image of him in the snow with the cigar in his mouth. 


I had to shorten this because it’s so much I wanna say. I don’t wanna give y’all an essay so I’ll leave you with 5 P songs I love.

You Can Never Feel My Pain

Nickel And A Nail

I Want Out



Mel, you took me to see Raekwon, Ghost and Mobb Deep at the HOB, and that shit meant the world to hear them Mobb Deep joints. Recently, Prodigy performed his HNIC album with a live band in NYC and I swear I was plotting on a way to see u.

Thanks P. Keep It Thoro in the essence.”

-Justin Jermaine

Justin also left us with a couple Prodigy mixes to vibe to.


Check out the mixes. If you have any stories or songs please leave them in the comments. Even though he’s not here physically, let’s keep Prodigy’s spirit alive.

*Prodigy’s story about partying with Lindsey Lohan when he was broke LOL Finesse Lord*



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