Eric Plus Teases ‘Sports’ Album

Eric Plus is a producer I have been following on Twitter for a while. Dating back to the golden ages of the underground culture (09-13). I came across Eric through a circle of creatives/hiphop lovers on Twitter during that time. If you have been checking the site frequently you know how much I love that era. The music, sneaker, streetwear scene was different, shit the people and Internet too. It’s really wack to think about but whatever, I just play that old Dom Kennedy and catch nostalgia because there’s a storm brewing.

Lord Byron and ANXT are some artists from that era. Click the hyperlinks to check our posts on them.

Above is a podcast episode that features Eric Plus and NY rapper Lijah Rios. Lijah Rios is someone Eric has been working with for some time now. Lijah released an album in July with half of the production by Eric. Check that here. A nice take from this podcast was when it was said that they’re not listening to music based on genre but how good it is. As we all should.

From the Big Apple, Eric is influenced by Jay Z, Madlib, Prince and a bunch of people that don’t even make music. I love that because for me it’s more than just the music, it’s solid people of all sorts that inspire me.

When asked about the state of hiphop Eric said, “I don’t like where hiphop is at. Every time we take a step forward, we take 20 back. Not even music but as a culture. However, I feel there’s a bunch of young thinkers that will change the direction of where it’s headed. People I hope to work with in the future.”

This is the first project I seen and the first time I’ve heard instrumentals from him in… so long I can’t remember. But apparently, there is an album titled ‘Sports’ on the way from Eric Plus. The teaser to that is below.

A mix of beats and remixes with two of the tracks within it that’s supposed to be glimpses of the album. Overall, these cuts are smooth, great to chill to and perfect to get some work done early in the morning or late in the evening.

The same goes for Lijah Rio’s album. The beats provided from Eric for that follow this same pattern. On ineed$$$, the way the drums hit when the drum fill comes in? Panning from left to right with Lijah delivering the content to fully embed you in that East Coast flavor? These dudes are definitely something to keep an eye on. I hope it doesn’t turn out like the Thelonious Martin x Evan Holt project. That was another great producer/rapper duo that didn’t manifest how I hoped.

Check the work out, show some love if you’re digging them and leave a comment. We’ll be back with some more Eric Plus in the future. Excited to hear what the album sounds like.



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