ANXT Paints Lush Colors With New EP

6 months since his last project, Watching Paint Dry, ANXT is back with a new one.


Titled, Ain’t Shit Changed, But The Lingo, the dynamite Chicago emcee transitions from a sound that could be categorized as Lo-Fi to opening up the colors of his sound palette. Hence title perhaps (lingo being sound).

With more of a bounce, the sound of this new 4track EP is bright, colorful and lush. A bit of darkness lies underneath these layers due to either drums or lyrical content. You can say the sound of this EP is similar to the cover.

ANXT starts the EP talking that talk we’re used to hearing from him, then proceeds to lighten up a bit before closing with a strong hook.

My favorite is the intro, Halos. Drawn (as always) to the sample, once the drums and vocals slid in I hit my zone. ANXT glided all over this one.

“..eyes wide, been a min since I had sleep,

Never lacking but I never knew what that means,

A full clip half empty if you ask me….

I ain’t got a lot of time to waste,

I got money on my mind, gotta hide the safe,

Got people on both sides, gotta moderate,

I ain’t looking for cosigns Ima find a way….

Ayy, dead already,

Tell God put the Halo on my head already.”

The EP as a whole is a little lighter in mood than his previous work, and the next two tracks are the biggest examples of that.

Goodfellas is light in tone but the weight it carries is heavy. You don’t want the bad guy to boogie. Peep it, “hands high when the bad guy boogies.”

Chunky Salsa has a darker tone, thanks to the drums, but a lighter subject matter vs Goodfellas. Something for the Latinas, ANXT shows love to y’all and I extend that love. Silky hair Latinas with the Horchata skin, holla.

I’ll leave the outro for y’all. Ain’t Shit Changed, But The Lingo, show some love if you’re feeling it. The comment section is always open. Check our previous post on ANXT if you need a catch up.

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