Memoirs Of The Summer by DONTASKGEN

Houston artist, DONTASKGEN, just dropped a project described as, “the perfect playlist of light flexes, summer flings, nights we don’t remember and strip club adventures that make you not so ready to let the summer go.”


DONTASK: Memoirs Of The Summer, probably best classified as Trap R&B, has some nice cuts from what seems to be DONTASKGEN’s debut project. Bright, tropical sounding melodies float on top of 808’s, DONTASKGEN does exactly what the project is described as.

The music is meant to ride around to, enjoying those late nights doing things that make for unforgettable stories. While Nunnadat, a definite banger, will have you feeling cocky and arrogant, a track like Titles Ruin Everything will slow it down and have you gravitating towards that chick. Summer vibes all around. Both tracks are my standouts from the project.


Some hints of Drake, A Boogie and Bryson Tiller jump out at me while listening to the project, Titles Ruin Everything is that one for me. This is the track that boasts the most potential and has me curious to see where he goes next.

DONTASKGEN randomly popped up on my radar and I’m not mad. The vision he has for his brand, the visuals are always easy and appealing to the eye.


Check the music and show some love if you’re feeling the work. We’ll see what DONTASKGEN cooks up in the future.



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