Aakesh Returns With New Video/Single, EP On Horizon

Sticking to the subject of videos, it’s been a while since we last wrote about Houston artist Aakesh. Our last post on him here.

Aakesh Young Night Video Blog Post

About 2 years and some change since new solo music was last heard from Aakesh, we have been working together on a few things. Today he drops a video and single titled, Young Night.

Vimeo link.



Original Video Idea: Aakesh

Shot/edited: Jackie Tran

Video Direction Assistance: Alejandro Cedillo, CPTLDRE


Beat 2: BluntedBeatz

Written & Performed: Aakesh

Engineer: Jackie Tran

With keys and horns as his chariot, Aakesh rides through the streets of Houston like a knight speaking to his mistress. “I’m on the way.” Expect to hear more music from Aakesh as his new EP, .38 Special, is arriving shortly.


Check out the work, and as always feedback is welcomed.



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