Clip Is Loaded As Aakesh Empties .38 Special Round

2+ years since the MNL (Money Never Loses) artist, Aakesh, debuted with Golden Dreams, he is now back with a new EP titled, .38 Special.

Aakesh (final front cover)

Our first offering of new music since his hiatus was in the form of Aakesh’s first video, Young Night.

Here we have a 2 part video with 2 tracks. Part 1 was a beat by CPTLDRE, that was backed with shots of Houston, while part 2 was Aakesh rhyming inside the heart of Houston. Be on the lookout for CPTLDRE. It’s been some time since he last surfaced as well. 

Young Night was the promotional single for the project.

Aakesh (final back cover)2

“Love is in the air,” can be said to be the concept behind this project. It was recorded during the winter to make it in time for spring. It sounded fresh like spring, and felt right for the season. However with just one track left to mix my hard drive crashed and I lost all the files. I lost everything, tried to recover it and lost money in doing so. Client work, and all the money I made off that I had to refund. Back your stuff up.

When we came back to record it no one was feeling it. The frustration mounted mainly because we had tons of plans for after .38, and here we were rerecording something that was done. Music is energy based and the energy for this was gone.

Manning through it we finished, had a great vision for the rollout but things just weren’t clicking. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality and things weren’t moving fast enough. More frustration mounted. We set a release date. First week of December.

The vibe of this EP made sense for the holiday season. “Love is in the air.” As it got closer, we reached out for additional vocals from miri tesfazion for the outro. She’s dope. A Swedish based singer, check her music here. It was simple, I sent a DM with some instructions on what we were looking for, plus a deadline so I could mix it down. She was game.

Next was artwork. I tried to connect with a schoolmate. She was supposed to meet up, and draw the vision we had for the EP out in person. That way we could be, “no, no, yes, do this, that, yes it’s perfect.”

Unfortunately, our cover art artist fell through and just four days before the release date we set we had no art and no one to turn to. On top of this, the additional vocals we reached out for had not yet returned, and we still needed to get some sound effect work done for Never, track 3.

Absolutely no problems with what happened from outside help. I bring it up to say this is the industry at its finest. Watch Jay Z’s Mastering Of The Black Album.

Four days. Something had to shake so I went to Twitter to look for a graphic designer and the response I received was excellent. The graphic design community on Twitter is a nice one. Ultimately, we went with baileyultd. He had a great turnaround time, price and communication. After that, we hit the homie up, got him to come through for the sound effects, received miri’s vocals the next day and the rest is history.

miri killed it. She really came through on her Solange/early Beyonce steeze. She actually grew up on Destiny’s Child, it was perfect. Give her music a listen.

Aakesh (credits)

Despite everything, we got it done. And after 2+ years, Aakesh has resurfaced with plans to stay.

mnl x mjr

I feel Aakesh has a unique tone, and is offering something different. If everything aligns, he could really garner some buzz. It’s still early for Aakesh, being only his 2nd project, but the sky is the limit. Like he always says when the creative process excites him, “we’re going to make a million dollars!” Here’s to hoping he can make a way in this game.



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