Levi Watson Vibes Out w/ NO LOVE LOST VOL. 1

Atlanta based artist, Levi Watson (who has a deep love for Japan, random fact), makes his return to the music world with an EP titled, NO LOVE LOST VOL. 1. We spoke about him briefly at the beginning of this post.

Photos of Japan taken by Levi.


Produced and mixed by Levi, the vibes on this project are absolutely spectacular. The lush tonal quality, vibrations of bass and synths, bridges, and the way the vocals float around from ear to ear and track to track are truly fulfilling and beautiful.

Levi Watson, who is influenced by Pharrell and The Neptunes, brought that type of energy with this project. This release, however, trumps everything Pharrell has displayed since Happy. Pharrell is still a legend though.


NO LOVE LOST is the first project released by Levi since 2012.

Above is Neptune. Released in 2012, this debut project was an excellent splash onto the underground scene quickly gaining him a fan base.

A video for track 2 off of Neptune.

Levi has been bouncing project ideas since his 2012 project, Neptune, but nothing has ever come to fruition except a few singles, cover arts and titles. In the description of this project, he states this idea was scrapped numerous times and this release is the result of him getting it “right… enough.”

Probably my favorite cut from Levi. This is from several years ago. The following is in chronological order from 2013-closer to present to show Levi’s progression.


I’ve actually been thinking to myself how wonderful the evolution of hiphop has been. NO LOVE LOST is one of those shining examples. The underground scene got us when it comes to hiphop.

One of the few artists that have yet to let me down, we hope to hear more from Levi soon but if it takes some time to get it right then by all means. Just don’t stop because you have a gift. This project took 5 years and everything about it is on point. Production, engineering, visually, lyrically, creatively. Let’s make some noise for Levi Watson *Nore on Drink Champs voice*. Give NO LOVE LOST VOL. 1 a listen, and show some support if y’all are feeling it.



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