Happy VDay From Justin Jermaine & MJR

Our previous post can seem to be drenched with hate so here’s a bit of love to spread on this special day.

Roc Luv Vol. 1

Artwork by Justin Jermaine.

My bro Justin Jermaine is back with a new mix for the holiday. Filled with Rocafella love cuts from their peak years, Justin continues to chip away at his masterpiece sculpture. I use this to describe any artist polishing their craft because this doesn’t come over night. It takes time and patience to climb up that ladder, and Like RZA said in his Man With The Iron Fists film, “it takes 10 years to become a master at any craft.” Don’t quote me, he said something along those lines.

Since we last heard Justin, he has taken a few steps up that ladder. His transitions are a little tighter, chops are a little better, and the staple in his style has improved. That staple is chopping and screwing cuts that normally wouldn’t be touched as well as…. well give it a spin and let us know what you think. There were some nice surprises within. Happy Valentine’s Day.



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