Foggieraw Quickly Became A Favorite Of Mine, Some Background

Born in Ghana, artist Foggieraw came to America when he was 5. Prince George’s County in Maryland specifically. There he played the piano and saxophone until he was 18 where he began to rap developing a passion for it.

All photos taken from Foggie’s Twitter.

Foggie was attending Eastern Shore when he first dived into rapping. It was him and a few of his friends, all Christian, there they met a guy by the name of Reflex who had his own studio and was making Christian rap music. That’s when Foggie and his band of brothers decided they wanted to rhyme also.

A handful of tracks in, like 5 each from every individual, Reflex told the band of brothers that they’re not very good so they should stop rapping. He pointed Foggie out however, telling him he can stay and continue recording. From there Reflex encouraged Foggie to keep at it and the rest can be called history.


That being said though, the evolution of Foggie actually didn’t happen until he transferred schools. This was because his friends were on backpack rap and always told Foggie to quit the mumbling. When he transferred schools he was able to find himself as an artist.

In a lot of Foggie’s music you will catch him saying something along the lines of, “I’m only rapping for fun I really sing,” which leads me to believe he’s been singing at his church all his life. You will also catch him saying the phrase, “God is my boast,” a lot. I mentioned earlier he was a Christian because this is an important piece to Foggie’s music. If you ask Foggie he might call himself a Christian rapper. Although “praise Jesus” isn’t so predominantly within his music, Christ is still represented through it. The example he used in an interview is that he’s really a Christian, so that means God had such a huge impact on his life that everything he does is affected by that. In his Lindsey London record, he speaks on a meeting a woman who is special and different. This directly stems to what Christian guys look for in a woman, Proverbs 31.


Since discovering Foggieraw via Twitter, Twitter the new underground, he has been in my regular rotation. His standout tracks are Moncler Bubble, Look Like Porzingis and U Can’t Be My Baby. He has a catchy record on the intro to his latest release, Fogtavious Vandross, sliding across a very familiar sample, and his EP prior to that, The Foggie Pound, hosts some dope tunes as well. One of my favorite quotes from him is, “fly is the confidence not the clothes.”

In the intro to Fogatavious Vandross, it begins with someone saying, “you’re one of the only people that can mumble and I’ll be like that was clever.” Foggie is raising the question, is he evolving mumble rap? “She said you mumble rap with soul boy that shh the bomb.”

I’ve never really heard this before, but in a few of his tracks he places raw vocal session whether in the middle or end. It’s different.

Foggieraw is as independent as they come. With no manager, he has tweeted that it’s just him and his laptop so check him out and make sure to support if y’all are feeling the music. His music is on all major streaming platforms and the link to purchase his latest release is below. Let us know what you think.

I’m not a writer.



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