More Nike Checks For QM

Quentin Miller splashed onto everyone’s radar back in 2015 when Meek Mill ousted him for being Drake’s ghostwriter.

The whole ordeal was completely random. At the time Meek had a #1 album, Nicki Minaj by his side, and a big record with Drake (RICO). Fresh out of prison Meek was sitting on top of the world, right? He was not satisfied and the biggest rap beef during the social media era ensued.

Now the reasoning behind Meek coming forth with the news is unclear as there are a few different stories. It was said Meek was upset when finding out Drake used a ghostwriter for RICO and feeling bold, after seeing the love Nicki was getting for her drama with Taylor Swift, he unleashed the clip. In the months to follow, Taxstone said Meek Mill was upset because Quentin wouldn’t ghostwrite for him, causing the chaos which led to Quentin getting jumped by The Dreamchasers in a Nike Store. A ton of nonsense but anyways, Quentin Miller, an innocent bystander, was thrown into the jungle with hungry lions.

Fast forward to late 2017, the hype is now dead and everyone has moved on. During the peak of everything I checked Quentin’s music and was impressed by some, but the song above in particular. Produced by Boi-1da, was this a part of the 5k deal? This will make more sense later. This same project had a Thanks From Toronto record, and was released before the beef happened. I really didn’t get the negative energy he was receiving. After the reference tracks released, you had hate towards things like Quentin’s delivery or voice and that was just dumb to me. I felt like people were being sheep and brainwashed by a big brand instead of just appreciating the strength (or potential) of music. Obviously, the biggest hiphop artist in today’s game seen something so why the hate. Perhaps, this industry is just that simple. Something as small as the way you pronounce vowels (formants) turns an average artist into a superstar. No matter the quality of the music, as far as recordings or mix, delivery, or voice, if it’s good then it’s good. That should be it.

Back to our late 2017 fast forward, I finally come back around to checking QM’s work since that time and am loving everything about it. Since being thrown into the spotlight, QM has worked with Cardo, Hit-Boy and Pusha T, he has been placed on the Tidal stage, and a bunch of good, at least we would think, but all hasn’t been gravy for the man. He wasn’t able to take advantage of that 15min window and run to the stars. Instead he was buried underground. QM denied the ghostwriting allegations, some of Drake’s biggest records, and the OVO crew distanced themselves from QM.

QM might’ve denied it for contractual reasons. He said he signed a deal to work on these records for 5k a month. 5k a month for some of Drake’s biggest records is crazy, but initially it was a mixtape that turned into an album. Reminds me of producer, E. Dan, saying Atlantic Records would call albums mixtapes, or street albums, to avoid paying what they normally would for production. It’s all a finesse game, and unfortunately QM may have gotten finessed.


Nonetheless, it is what it is. There were more important things for QM to deal with as he lost his leg due to a bad car accident. In the record below, drowned with autotune QM expresses himself very briefly over a dark and ominous piano medley.

“Last year was supposed to be my greatest year, look at me I’ll never be the same again…… oh Lord, oh Lord, got so many questions….. oh Lord, I need your help.”

A very bare tune, I believe the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders onto this record. Because he doesn’t say much it makes what he says more impactful, despite how little. QM lets the music speak for itself.


Instances like that made me a QM fan. Through his projects Hey! Thanks A Lot 3, Essentials Vol. 1 and Falco, he will have moments like that, we can call them moments of clarity, where it seems, though the words are simple, they come from a much deeper place. The truth and conviction behind some of these words should allow him to rest easy if nothing else. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but if you remain true to yourself and those around you, nothing else matters.

QM and Mac, known as WDNG CRSHRS, just released a project and the video to track 2 of that is above. Some feel good tunes, the project has production from Hit-Boy, a feature from Cousin Stizz, and Dom Kennedy gets a shoutout for bringing the bottle. Extraordinary company if you ask me.

Check the project, Crshd Files, Vol. 2 by WDNG CRSHRS, on all major streaming platforms and show some love/support if you’re feeling the music. Quentin Miller, you unintentionally made history forever, and continue to be walking history in hiphop. From a job in a grocery store to working with an icon to finding a way to charter your own, your story of perseverance and resilience is inspiring. Keep going.

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