Sir CRKS.. Night Drive (12-24-17) + Interview

Christmas Eve 2017, Night Drive at Avant Garden. An event that pops up from time to time organized by Mxrgan and 9th Sage, two guys I have been following around the city for a while now. Mxrgan is a DJ (and I don’t want to say curator but he puts on a ton of DJ events with the help of others in the city) while 9th began as a photographer but now DJs as well. The reason I follow them around is they play stuff you wouldn’t hear elsewhere. My biggest complaint when I’m out is usually the music but with them I’m good. The progress from when they began to now, they’re definitely building something special.

Clip above is from 6-16-18. An event at the Prauper Creative House.

On this particular night, the function featured Houston rapper Tim Woods and DJ Sir Crks. Tim Woods is a name I’ve heard before. Woods released a project about a month prior to 12-24-17. The track I heard from that project was produced by another Houston cat, Baker Yung. I honestly thought Woods was going to do a DJ set but he actually performed his new cuts. Check that project below.

The record I heard was Holidaze. The best cut from this project.

Everyone was cool, 9th smashed his last set, but what really brought me out this night was Sir CRKS.

Crks Interview 1Crks Interview 2

Shot by Lance Blade.

I met CRKS at school where he lowkey put me onto a couple things. First off, he’s been on that UK grime, this was about 2013, and at the time, I really hated trap. CRKS was on it and since that time I have adapted to it.

Known for chopping&screwing, CRKS worked at rapid speeds when I first met him. I remember a record would drop and if he liked it, the CRKS chop would be up in an hour.

Latest CRKS chop. Key! 777, a very hot project.

What made me adapt to trap music was that I began to get out and check the scene in the city. Seeing how people reacted to the energy of those 808’s, adlibs and hooks, hiphop purists always downplayed sold me. The people loved it and I appreciated the love.

Since meeting CRKS, and checking the scene, I began to bug him, “when are you going to get out here? You got it.” I would tell him this for a solid two years.


And he finally did.

Above is a CRKS beat tape as well as the project he produced for Siddiq.

CRKS always had a distinct selection of music and it showed that night. Very few on his level when it come to DJing. Check the video below where we chopped it up with CRKS, who over the last year and a half has begun to make beats, producing a project with North Houston rapper Siddiq (a flamethrower of a rapper), in the video you’ll see pieces of his set. Drop a comment.




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