It’s Pronounced “LIV”

Dallas bred/Dolfin Records’ artist, (Liv).e, pronounced Liv, is nothing short of an experience every time.


I mentioned Dolfin Records on the Lord Byron post saying they were something to keep an eye on. I’m starting to put people on now. S/o @teehundred, I got you on the underground tunes. Check Lord Byron, he has released 2 projects since our post on him. We Kill Cowboys and SORA.

(Liv).e just released a project, pur.lieu5_18, a single 36min track consisting of 14 (?) different songs described as a story written by memos. Her longest and most interesting release to date.

This project begins with almost 6min of an ominous arrangement of sounds that sets the stage for a ton of surprises. Raw quality mixes, clean harmonies gliding through acoustic instrumentation, and a soulful boast, this is my favorite release from (Liv).e to date.

Bandcamp has a nice write-up of (Liv).e’s musical overview and journey. You can read their piece here.


Somewhat stated previously, characteristics of soul and funk, lo-fi hiphop, but also reggae, R&B, Erykah Badu and Outkast, (Liv).e catches my ear with that distinct style she has honed and beautifully exudes in her music. Her father played keys in gospel and blues ensembles while her mother sang in the church. (Liv).e grew up listening to musicians like Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder which transcended into Knxwledge. Her artistic expression makes sense.

The vocal effects and layers, pitch shifts, tempo changes, melodies, rap flows, and types of production she elects to casts her emotions on is hard to turn away from let alone turn off. pur.lieu5_18 is full of these nuances.

On that Bandcamp article, she states, “my music reflects the mental space I’m in,” and, “I don’t want anyone to expect any particular sound from me.” Indeed those statements hold true.

Give (Liv).e‘s music a spin and support her if you’re feeling the sounds. Also, check the write-up Bandcamp did on her if you’re searching for more background on the brilliant young talent. They did a great job. Though she’s from Dallas, I believe she’s currently living in New York making the dream a reality. And if I’m not mistaken, Dolfin Records’ masterful engineer/producer/DJ, Ben Hixon, has moved out there as well. Sometimes in order to grow and expand, you have to take the leap of faith and build elsewhere.

I’m not a writer.



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