New Tape Alert: Chino BEEN WORKIN


As stated in the tracklist above, all the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Tizz, a local Houston producer, engineer and artist. You can hear what he has to offer with the rhymes exclusively on track 4 and 7.

Both the tracks Tizz is featured on are my standouts from the project. And on another note, the pitched down HOL’ UP on Cadillac is one of my favorite details within the project mix-wise. It’s the little things.

Nico is another local from the city. His only rap appearance, I’m aware of, prior to this was on Chino’s previous release, The Trill Is Back. Nico has a gritty hunger to his delivery that’s captivating to say the least. “Just a dirty, ghetto kid, and all my heroes is dead,” Nico is must-see TV on this cut.


The concept of the artwork, and project title, came from an instance Chino told me about.

He was at a show, performing, as a small favor to the host, and a younger cat mentioned something. The kid was saying he just started doing it and he’s already on a bill featuring Chino. Those words echoed. Before that particular show, Chino had to slow down due to life happening. The reason for the child being in the driver seat of the cover, that’s his son. The reason for the work boots and the scene on the tracklist cover being how it is, Chino wanted show he had bigger priorities at hand, like supporting his family, and despite that, he was still trying to figure rap out, hence track 3. Chino simply had to deal with life, and the slap back from those words were motivation.

Track 2 showcases Chino’s penmanship at its peak, the dream bar is hard, and after a few spins I can say that tracks 4 and 7 are definitely my early favorites. The way the production and chorus are laced on both records, with harmonic tone and some melodies, is a fresh route to me from Chino. I appreciate when boundaries are pushed by anyone.

Check the project and show Chino some love if you like it.

I’m not a writer.



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