Curren$y, Gibbs & Alchemist Show-out On FETTI ROMA

Quickest review I’ve ever written. This really just a reaction because I’m not even one listen through but BRUH.

Willie Lloyd!!!! I needed a Pusha T verse on this one!!!

Very easily the most motivated I’ve heard Curren$y in a million years.

When I clicked play on Tidal, that haunting intro on the intro before the drums, I knew it. I fucking knew I was about to get rocket launched through the stratosphere.

I just want to know, the hell was going on when Alchemist was conceived. That’s an extraterrestrial. These beats CRACK.


“Like a barrel to your rib, it’s that fucking real,” on listen #2 now. Curren$y went in on The Blow.

I need a neck brace listening to this project. My favorite rap era ever I don’t care. The peak blog era was where it was at.


But what it was about the blog era is I was mature enough to understand it. At this point, I’m in high school, and I’m no thug, I’m not rich, I’m just living… average as fuck, trying to get fresh, kick it with these females, hooping was my life, later I started twisting the tree, and these artists, they were like me. They were like me, and you know as I began to realize that life wasn’t hooping, I wanted more for myself and these artists, they were just a bunch of motherfuckers getting it. How could I not relate.

@100preuxf was just on my TL earlier today talking about how the peak blog era made it a level playing field for everyone to get on. And here I am blogging when blogging is dead.

With streaming, labels were able to bargain and get their money-making artists plays via algorithms. Erasing the smaller artists and making it tougher for them.

I agree in the sense that people are no longer searching for music but the music is presented to them on a silver platter, and that’s how they pick and choose what to listen to. Only people eating off streaming is big name artists. The numbers you have to do to make a decent wage off streaming is ridiculous.

Gibbs wylin’ on Now & Later Gators. Sounding like Diddy off Big album with this singing. I’m dead at the smoothness.

I have to sleep. I have work early.

I wrote something on Jay Rock x Kendrick-Wow Freestyle Video that I was planning on posting tomorrow morning, and FETTI afterwards but… I had to do this.

Irony. In that post, I spoke on Jay Rock’s Redemption album, how I’m not digging the energy because the sound feels manufactured, and here we have something mad organic. You can feel it, every time. LET’S GO. Gibbs really really went HAM. Flow is impeccable. He was the star, followed by Alchemist then Curren$y. This is no knock to anyone. A group effort made Fetti 9/9.

I’m not a writer, I’m a fan.



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