Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar-Wow Freestyle Video

Still promoting his latest album, Redemption, Jay Rock releases the visual for Wow featuring Kendrick.

Fire visual, ok record. My boy @mjr_dro put me onto this album first.

Was definitely zooted when we put this album on the AUX. A handful of tracks in and I was like nah this is not Jay Rock. All I heard was the successes of Kendrick, and come to find out, Kendrick executive produced it.


Later that night, I saw Nic De La High, a Houston photographer, he said it was a good listen, and thought the music was great to ride to.

Some months after, JSmith, a Houston DJ, felt once the TDE albums got darker, cover-wise, the music became a lot better.

To be real, though TDE is a respectable label and enjoying plenty success, their music just hasn’t connected with me since splashing onto the mainstream. I can’t even tell you what it is but the gap hasn’t been bridged. At times, I want to chalk it up as it being too manufactured of a sound.

The album is not a bad listen by any means, I just don’t feel the energy. Forget theatrics, statistics, numbers, just give me authenticity. Bring that raw shit back.

I’m not a writer.



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