A Bunch Of New Music This Past Friday 11/2/18

Been enjoying my experiences in live music, music discovery, and new albums as of late. Then I listened to the new Action Bronson.

Not really that bad, but he hasn’t been the same since he dissed Ghostface. Hiphop karma.

Vince Staples, FM!, didn’t care to finish.

Alright album. Often, I reflect on what Vince could’ve been.

Swizz Beats came through with the best project out of this batch. Solid if I’m ranking amongst some of the other albums out in the world.

Lil Wayne, Giggs, Lox, Jim Jones, Nas. Nice hooks and jabs throughout the whole fight.

I was curious about Takeoff. His single, Last Memory, hyped me. My favorite single of all projects.

The album turned out solid. 2nd best of the projects I heard. A couple unexpected surprises in the end. Offset was always my vote for best Migo. We’ll see how his album turns out.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Metro. Consistent sonically. Kind of a snooze fest overall.


I never been big on Metro’s beats, ask @_bassrob how I feel. These records sounded really clean but lacked that energy and emotion music should have.

I’m not sure if it’s the mix or the actual music but I felt this way about Nav-Perfect Timing, Big Sean-Double Or Nothing and 21 Savage x Offset-Without Warning.

Not one held my attention. Gucci Mane-Droptopwop was the best of the Metro produced products because Gucci is the most entertaining and charismatic of them all. It has to be the music.

The first 3 tracks on Not All Heroes Wear Capes are nice, Gunna x Thugga was cool (Thug spazzed, but an example, the build-up should’ve been harder or the drums could’ve came back raunchier), and the rest, I’ll say, is not for me. 21 whispering was fresh (influenced by Sheck Wes speaking Nigerian on MUDBOY?). During this moment, the beat should definitely feel more alive since 21 playing a more quiet role in the record. Sidebar, 21 was the standout on this album.

There’s times in the album, where the strings are sitting too much in the background instead of the forefront, and not grooving out when it should be going stupid. Where is Miri Ben-Ari when you need her!?

Not bad listens, not great projects. Despite, I think it’s ill we always have new music to check. Shouts to all the rap musicians worldwide. This is just opinions and opinions change.

I’m not a writer plus I’m blogging when blogging is dead. Leave your thoughts.



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