The Man Of Many Styles.. Byron, Rami & Ahmad Is For The Kids

Last time we spoke about Lord Byron, he was gearing up to release his new album We Kill Cowboys. (Check that post here).

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.36.09 PM

Since then, he’s dropped CowboysSoraKryptonyte, and now, For The Kids.

It’s been quite a year for Byron. Not saying he’ll drop again this year, but there’s still plenty in the chamber.

After Cowboys, each project is a collaborative effort with someone new, and every one of them is engineered by the amazing Ben Hixon.

From L-R, We Kill Cowboys, Sora, Kryptonyte (art by Rami), For The Kids (art by Ghostdrank).

Each one of these projects feel different than the last, which keeps it interesting, but is it hurting Byron?

On that last post, I wrote that this formula reveals his progression and uncanny ability to rap on anything, proving his climb to rap titan, but does it ultimately turn away some listeners?

You play Roc Marciano, you know what you’re getting. Curren$y, Westside Gunn. Some rappers find homes to settle in while some live on the go.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.51.17 AM

Byron x Ben Hixon

The only consistency here is Byron, and if you know Lord Byron, you know you’re going to get quality no matter.

Cowboys was a cinematic experience that begins with Joburg, where we’re greeted by a summary of Lord Byron. A brief (excellent) introduction before Byron’s grand entrance. The production on this track was handled by Lade. Yet again, I’ll mention, Lade is very knowledgeable when it comes to Hiphop culture, has a great eye for art as well as being a great producer.

“Arms is graffiti, palming a treaty… my people is greazy, these bitches is easy, leave it or leave me we breaching they tipi.”

The breaths taken between tracks transitioning into each other, along with the background chatter, really add to the plot of Cowboys. New Math to Never to Rudy’s Chicken to Kubrick to Per Diem to 6leu DaVinci.

You could say, Cowboys, is the brother or cousin of Digi Crux, Byron’s prior project to Cowboys. @mjr_dro wasn’t feeling this project as heavy as I was at the time it was released. A Spring drop (May 2017), he felt it was more winter, which is a fair assessment, but I personally enjoyed the fact Byron was opening up and creating tunes a touch easier for more people to slap.

Following Cowboys was Sora, fully produced by Rami, this was that energy @mjr_dro was hoping for. Although, this dropped February 2018.

Without losing the penmanship, the raps feel light-hearted on this one. This makes it easier for a wider audience of people to enjoy, and might honestly be my favorite Byron release since Dark Arts 2. That’s probably what @mjr_dro gravitated towards with Sora, the easy listen. I believe Byron tweeted his favorite cut from this was Sealab, but it’s Sora and Got Damn that do it for me. 4 Cheap and Uzi are favorites off this as well.

Above is Rami featuring Byron off Rami’s 2017 album PYJAMA.

Rami is another artist from the Dolfin Record camp. He has produced, rapped, designed art and merch. Dolfin is on another tier.

Kryptonyte, one of the more refreshing projects I heard this year, was inspired by old-school Memphis rap.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.52.20 AM.png

Byron x Liv.e

Tweets about “a Memphis tape” have been surfacing on the TL for some time and it finally seen the light of day thanks to a couple mentions from fans. Liv.e (see what we said about her here), Pink Siifu (first time bringing him up on the site) and Byron, produced by Ben Hixon. Ben Hixon made it sound like those old-school Memphis rap tapes too, AMAZING.

Another amazing thing about this tape is that it was made two years ago. SMH.

L.I.A.B. has my vote for one of the best records of the year. Byron turned into a monster on this one. “50 gun salute when my name ring bells, pussy juice under my nails. I can’t go to Hell, I’m already in Hell. And if I go to Hell, reincarnation is real.” This song deserves a visual. I love when Liv.e raps.

Now that we’ve caught up, the current campaign is For The Kids. Produced fully by AhmadOnTheBeat, a 17year old that Rami met while he was in Chicago. Rami made this connection by meeting Ahmad’s older brother. Rami was in Chicago for college. Rami brought it all the way back to Dallas and tagged Byron in.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.51.42 AM

This project is everything the title details. Heavily auto tuned, and even funner in sound than Sora, this is the era, the free-spirit of this generation’s youth. Rami and Byron bounce back and forth exchanging rhymes and harmonies in what is described as their scientific experiment.

Who is Arradon by the way? Homie killed it on the intro.

Shortly after Sora, the campaign for Kids began. I was actually in Dallas and got to see Rami and Byron premiere a track off the project live. It ended up being Underthesea, one of my standouts from the project. YungBallerzTV and Best Friend are the others.

I hear a lot of Young Thug influence on this experiment. Not what I was expecting from the project but that’s the beauty of music from Lord Byron. No matter who he’s with, he keeps you on your toes. No artist wants to make the same thing twice.

Check the music, show some love if you’re feeling it and drop a comment below. Byron and Rami will be performing this Sunday in Dallas.

I’m not a writer.

P.S. if you didn’t know Byron was Ghoulfive, do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?



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