Isaiah Rusk + Canyon Scott + Oscar Emilio = Fade Em All ?


Isaiah Rusk.

My reasoning for the question mark is because I found that info on a Youtube comment, but haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Isaiah Rusk is the lead vocalist, Canyon Scott is the drummer and Oscar Emilio is the bassist. I’m trying to familiarize myself with this young Houston band because I believe these guys are going to create quite the buzz for themselves.

I came across this band through a flyer. They had a show at Richmond Studios, a small event space here in Houston, some months ago.

They’ve also been on a little Texas tour as well. I haven’t seen them live myself yet, but I definitely want to catch them when I get the chance. I’m digging the energy they exude.

Below is Punk Tempo, the only video they currently have on Youtube, and track 4 off their project Fade Em All.

At the end of the Punk Tempo video, Isaiah and I’m assuming, Emilio, discuss what Punk Tempo stands for and how it was born.

A rebellion against society’s standards, it means BE YOU. Live life and live it freely how you would like. “Live your truth.”

It also stands for the music. Isaiah says the rock influence is a big part of the mainstream world but it’s not real rock. I can agree that the rock influence is huge, and I do believe the new rock is rap right now but that doesn’t mean it won’t shift or collide. Fade Em All wants to bring it back to real rock.

This is the birth of it. That raw and rebellious energy is captured within this track. You can hear Isaiah speaking on it in the background of this record. They were kicked out of their previous studio due to some racist shit, but thanks to that, that emotion is what birthed Punk Tempo, and ultimately the Fade Em All project.

My favorite from the project is Cargo. Excellent guitaring to end the track, I live for the “stadium status” moments within this project.

These “stadium status” moments represent tranquility, while the abundance of moments through vocal, drum and guitar outbursts ooze passion. Transparency, a trait that’s tough to translate into musical form, is found sprinkled throughout. These guys are will rise if they continue, and I hope to see them live in action soon.

Give the music a listen, it’s on all streaming platforms, drop a comment and show some love to Fade Em All if you’re feeling the music.

I’m not a writer.

P.S. The Internet tweeted their Punk Tempo video. Dope shit.



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