Champ Hoody To Work, It’s Cold

I had an early shift, and a late night (I didn’t sleep), when on the way to work, Tidal suggested champ hoody music. ep. 1 by Remy Banks, a name I have seen before but never checked.

Well, champ hoody 1, led to me checking Remy’s whole discography (on Tidal). champ hoody 1, 2 and higher.

Smooth as a CL through a brisk night, Remy’s voice is a bit monotone, but it glides over the sometime jazzy/soul samples, and other times, kick and snare working in conjunction to Slap Ya Mama! (One of my favorite seasonings).

“Flow handsome, I let the lyrics romance em,” Remy boasts.

Tracks like queens shit to how the game go, sky’s falling, no static, and pine, off champ hoody 1, remind me of the essence at its finest and freshest.

The stream of music fit my mood perfectly that morning, as like I said, I went through his Tidal discog so maybe you’ll like it too.


Remy taken by Brock Fetch.

From Queens, NY, Remy is signed to Fool’s Gold through collective World’s Fair, and one/third of a musical trio by the name of Children of the Night.

You can hear some members of World’s Fair on the projects.

His production style, way he titles tracks (down to the lowercase letters and periods to end) remind me of when Lade was making music as Doughmars. Not saying Remy didn’t do it first, just saying it’s fresh, and Lade deserves more a bit of credit.

Anyways, check the music, drop a comment and show some love to Remy Banks if you’re feeling the music. Remy is a fresh breath, take some time to inhale.

I’m not a writer.



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