I Want To Say Benny Is Top 5

Westside is the leader of Griselda, and Conway is recognized as #2, but I say it is Benny, that’s the clear-cut best in Griselda right now.

I even want to say, bar-for-bar, Benny is sitting somewhere between top 5-10 spitters in the game.


I mentioned Benny in earlier posts about Hitler Wears Hermes 4, and when GxFR signed to Shady (those posts are hyperlinked).

In these write-ups, I pointed out how interesting Benny was as a rapper, and how we needed a full-length project.

Benny has that Jadakiss intrigue to me.

The hunger in his delivery, Benny could recite the alphabet and I bet it would sound tough. That’s the innate ability Kiss always possessed. No matter the record, that grimey-nature from within always came out. You couldn’t help but feel the words. No bad verses ever.

Since hearing Benny, when I first discovered FLYGOD, he has never fallen short, it just isn’t in his character to. Don’t get it twisted though, it isn’t just the voice, it’s the bars and it’s the heart. This man is out for the kill, proving himself through the tales he tells, and the way he tells them. It opens you up to this dark underworld he had to climb out of. Lines as simple as, “I need another vault, that’s hustla talk,” really paint the most vivid picture.

Bosses never overdo anything. It’s simply a conversation here and there, with each sentence so impactful, it affects the mind permanently. “I do this for the kids that starved, and ate nothing, and had to rock off-brand just cause their fathers ain’t hustlas,” look, for me, this is a double-edged sword, a backhanded compliment. For the kids, that had nothing, but the look of disgust on his face from the fathers who didn’t have the heart to grind for the family, this is Benny.

These bars display his moral compass. He’s a street dude. Take this excerpt of Henry Hill explaining the Goodfellas, “for us to live any other way was nuts. Uh, to us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks and took the subway to work every day, and worried about their bills, were dead. I mean they were suckers. They had no balls. If we wanted something we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again.” This is Benny, and if you can’t feel or respect it, your whole perspective is trash.


Westside and Conway tag-teammed it, reeking havoc all the way to a Shady deal, and from that point, I feel the chip on their shoulder isn’t as massive as it once was. The Griselda boys are definitely doing their thing, but it’s like when ballers get that max contract, they might “Melo” out. I say this knowing West had a good year releasing FLYGOD Is Good.. All The Time, Supreme Blientele and Hitler 6, three solid records to add to his catalog. I guess, at this point, everything I’m hit with is expected from West and Con, while Benny, continues to surprise, it seems he has that ‘Conway on The Cow energy every other record.


I’ve never peeped a full Benny project, and I’m honestly glad I didn’t because his latest release, Tana Talk 3, is that cold.

Released during a week filled with releases (Earl, Meek, Lil Baby, Ski Mask, VDon & Dark Lo, Deon Chase & Avenue, Alchemist), my boy BassRob was the first to play me anything from this album.

We was chilling in the lab, he took a break from making beats, and I was zooted with Dro, when he put on Rubber Bands & Weight. Now you know, Alchemist is always going to lace the beat. This one in particular had that ‘I need a neckbrace from the headbop’ hop to it. Here I sit, grinning ear-to-ear, with that Hov face when he heard beats from Timbo, Ye and P for The Black Album.

Back-to-back-to-back quotables from verse one leading straight to a perfectly ridden hook. I knew Benny had arrived.

At the time, Rob said he hadn’t heard the album in full because he couldn’t get passed this track when he checked Tana 3. Solid excuse.

Above is the only cut from the album currently with a video. Another one by Alchemist, this isn’t one of my personal favorites from the project but it’s still hard with an equally nice visual. Sidebar, Rob mentioned, Daringer finally adding drums on his samples, WE FUCK WITH IT DARINGER. Benny said he’s doing 97 Hov with a 97 Range in Marcy, fingers crossed we get to see that soon. That one is indeed a personal favorite.

Tana Talk 3 is available on all platforms. You can also listen to it on Youtube above, but support the album and allow artists to get paid. When I tell you that intro lured me in like a reel, “…and I can feel it in my soul, I was sitting in the hole, for that shit I whipped and sold, missed my 3rd Christmas in a row, REAL SHIT.” Man look, that Cow energy, this is Benny, top 5-10 in the game for aforementioned reasons. Only a few can do it quite like this.

Westside Gunn compared Tana Talk 3 to Reasonable Doubt, even suggesting it’s better. Listen to the music, show love and leave a comment. Check Supreme Blientele and Hitler 6 by West too. The intro to Hitler 6 had me rolling.

I’m not a writer.



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