BassRob Unleashes First Of STANK! Series

My guy. We briefly mentioned BassRob in a few posts, pretty much his opinions on certain things, and he most recently popped up on our write-up of WORLDWIDE by CRKS and Siddiq, due to the fact he produced the last two tracks on there. That post is here. Rob stands alone in the spotlight this time around though.

Shot/edited by Rashad Blade.

I first met BassRob through Twitter back in the prime days of social media, around 2010-13, when things were a little more organic on the net, and a little less saturated in the music world. He was living in Mississippi and has since moved to Houston about three years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow as a producer, creative, and human. It’s been something to witness.

Rob always says, coming from where he’s from, the small city of Wiggins, MS, he shouldn’t be here. His taste in music shouldn’t be what it is, and his path should’ve been different. The only one with Dilla and Nas in his playlist when everyone else was on Boosie and Gucci (Rob has love for both sides of the spectrum), and one of the few not involved in the “life.” Rob says it all the time, things were supposed to be different. Well, we’re here now, and that path was designed this way for a reason.




MASTERING: Jackie Tran

ART: Jackie Tran, BassRob

I haven’t heard everything, but I’ve heard a lot, and Rob is the best producer in Houston. I make that bold claim without bias too. With all the plans this year, the hope is to prove that claim, or at least secure a position high up the totem pole.

Video for track 1 off STANK! Vol. 1.

STANK! is a remix series that BassRob came up with mid-late 2018. The remixes have been something he had been trying to figure out, and as he began to get more and more comfortable with it, the tunes started to come together so beautifully, birthing the series.

Rob wanted to do something fun. Something that represented his lighter side. The goofy/free-spirited nature. Hence the art and wacky names. His promise is to keep it exciting, and packed with surprises too. “You never know what you might hear.”

Above is Vol.1. Give it a spin, show BassRob some love if you’re feeling it, and let us know if we’re being biased. Hold your opinions until 2020 if you’re iffy though, it’s going to be a busy year.



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