Good Job, Larry June

Remembering when I first heard him on Down Like That by Cousin Stizz, I always meant to give Larry June a listen. “I know I’m rapping off-beat, fuck hiphop, got damn,” the flavor he brought on that record was fresh.


I thought Larry’s music would be something like Young Dolph, because of the voice, but to my surprise, Very Peaceful, strongly begged to differ.

The elements in some of the music gives his sound that West Coast feel while other records give that ATL feel.

Larry said on an interview with VergeCampus, when you blend the two, you get Larry June. He lived in ATL as a child, and San Francisco later.

The most surprising feature of his music are the vocals coming on hooks like 30 Days.

The music is easy when it feels authentic. Larry promotes health, wealth and independence (no manager or label).

“I don’t want head, I want the guap..”

Larry began his career dropping 7 tapes in 2015. He claims to have the best adlibs in the game, something he picked up from the old music he so frequently jams. Larry listens to 70s soul, and says his adlibs come from influences like Bootsy Collins, Jimi Hendrixx and Michael Jackson. That also makes sense considering the melodies/harmonies he laces his records with.

Larry is unique in many ways. At one point, he was going to be a Lyft driver. Just to show you can get money legally. Health, wealth, independence and positivity.

Check the music and leave your thoughts below. He just recently dropped a new tape, Early Bird, and yeah I stamp, he’s a cold motherf-cker.

We’re not writers, we’re fans.



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