Promise (Satchmo)-Clipse Tape, 4rf.Q

His first full project in two years, this is the first I’ve heard of Promise (or Satchmo).


Promise (or Satchmo), as I’ve discovered, is a producer from ATL, part of SwissArmy Records and half of 4rf.Q, which consists of himself and Fred E.T.

Above is a record from the group, produced by both members. Below is another, produced by Promise (Satchmo).

I keep putting Satchmo in parenthesis because the credits of the above videos read, Lawrence “Satchmo” Claiborne, while his Twitter and Soundcloud handle has Promise in it.

The project I actually came across from Satchmo (Promise), is five flips of Clipse, my personal favorite rap duo. Funeral, Wamp Wamp, Me Too….

Aside from what was said, I couldn’t find much info on the producer. I will say the music being created between Fred and Satchmo sounds “promising” though. They like to call themselves Atlanta’s stepchildren.

That Cashmere Copacetic record has an alluring vibrancy to it, with an equally matching visual reminiscent of Field Mob, OutKast, and even some D12. It gave me flashbacks to the early 2000s of hiphop. I can see why they call themselves the stepchildren of ATL.

Add some southern flare to your playlist, check the music and show some love if y’all feeling it. P.S. Who’s your favorite rap duo?

Not a writer, just a fan.



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