T.Flu feat Young Deji – W.O.E (Remix)…. WOAH DEJO

Southwest Alief Texas. It seems like this area of Houston is a breeding ground for talent. Will this song create a path, similar to Don Toliver’s I Gotta?

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 9.41.44 AM.png

Produced by T. Flu himself, the original was getting spins, however, the remix, featuring Young Deji, has already doubled the YouTube views in more than half the time.

Rapper by the name of Donnie Fresh is also pictured above.

The cause of this extra boom is the Young Deji feature, a smart move considering the commotion he’s garnered over “The Woah” Dance.

More music from T. Flu. His oldest video dates back to 2016. The product has gradually been crafted, ultimately, looking and sounding better closer to the present.

So let’s talk about The Woah.


10k Cash, from Dallas, claims to be the creator of The Woah. After doing the dance on SNL, Sauce Walka called Travis Scott for not including the kids who created the dance on stage. Travis would later meet Young Deji, the creator of The Dejo (or The Woah).

Snapchat by Deji feat. Wiz.

I couldn’t tell you the originator myself, because I’m slow to the movement and I believe in revisionist history, but I will tell you, these boys got something with that W.O.E record so check the music, and spread some love towards T. Flu and Deji’s direction if y’all are feeling it.

No writer, just a fan.



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