Rapper And Producer? 44 Action No Longer Exists But A New Siddiq Record Does

I had known Siddiq previously as just a good rapper. Our most recent post on Siddiq plus crew here. 


Dropping a beat tape a couple of month ago, the bag of tricks grows. The project has since been removed from Soundcloud but judging from the sonics on 44 Action, it seems Siddiq draws a lot of inspiration from not only Houston but the west coast as well. He might have ties out there.

44 Action was my introduction to the producer side of Siddiq but it appears he’s entered the lane before. Above is a Siddiq produced track dating back to November of 2017. Off an EP with Maserati Trey, artist from Houston, and a part of The Franchise collective (I believe), this 4track EP has been on repeat and Trey is another name to look out for. He’s dropped some great records since.

Though the beat tape may no longer exist, a new record titled Get ‘Em Wan does. Produced by JDUNN, the name of the game is In&Out/Short&Sweet for Siddiq in the times of today.

Give the music a spin and show some love if you’re feeling it. Siddiq and Jay Smith had a gig in the city on the backend of January where Siddiq performed his latest albumsome older cuts, and a new one. Jay also tried something. A pair of scenes below.

Siddiq performing.

A piece of the cypher Jay started after Siddiq’s set.


On our last Siddiq post, we mentioned his discography. I’ve been discovering that that list was left short. Below is Live ’04, a project by Jay and Siddiq.

That write-up also mentions how the artists feel like they come from an era, and that they’re a representation of it. Live ’04 is a good example of the statement. Never thought I’d hear Siddiq over some East Coast style production + a new piece of work is on the way.



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