The Marathon Will Continue, RIP Nipsey Hussle

5 to the body, 1 to the head. On March 31st, 2019, a legend was lost.


The hiphop community has been up in arms the last 24hrs. Fueled with stories about a wonderful human, debates on whether it was acts of envy or organized by higher powers, and emotions running rapid over their favorite musician.

Nipsey was a man of honor, respect and class. An entrepreneur, Nipsey turned a negative into a positive, truly creating something out of nothing.

Coming off the best year of his career, Nipsey was Grammy nominated and was expanding his name to new horizons. You couldn’t speak on Nipsey’s name without attaching success to it. It seemed every venture was a good one. He charged $100 a mixtape, and even $1000, making 100k and 60k in a day independently. He owned his masters, opened stores in his community, invested in youth programs, tech, preached health, spoke about wealth, and was beginning to work on a documentary about the trials of Dr. Sebi. Nipsey was a hometown hero, growing by the year.


I watched a man speak about how they were given an impoverished area, a broken community, and how Nip was using his platform to build it up. This man asked for people not to react with violence.

I saw a childhood friend bawl as she explained how she knew Nip her whole life and he kept coming back. He didn’t get on and leave, he kept coming back. When asked why she thought this crime was committed, she said, “the devil doesn’t discriminate but why him, why someone that cares.”

Nipsey’s moral compass was pointing in the right direction.

Military-style execution is 2 to the body and 1 to the head, quick, in&out.

Nipsey was a known member of 60’s Crips, and was working to unify gangs. Since the beginning of his career, he spoke on the division of colors, gangs and blocks, and how it was a pointless hindrance on the people. He was supposed to meet with LAPD and RocNation today to discuss ways to limit violence in the future.


The details of how the shooting happened are still not clear. No one is sure if the suspect pulled up on a bike, walked or was dropped off. All that is known is that the suspect appeared to be a young male who ran off into a getaway vehicle after the shooting occurred.

Nipsey had hometown love, the type of hometown love Biggie had in Brooklyn, that’s what makes it hard for some to believe that this was really gang-related. The people around him were not ones you wanted to test either. This suspect ran up, broad daylight, gunned Nipsey down in front of his own store, on his own block, with these people around? That’s gutsy.

Some say it’s due to what he was building. The documentary on Dr. Sebi (it would be deeper than that) and the unification of gangs is scary for the powers that be. Knowledge is a powerful threat. It is said that this was done in hopes to spark the gang wars back up, because it has been too quiet, it was done to keep a community stagnant.

Just surfaced that Shitty Cuz, a member of the 60’s, is the murder suspect. Video shows he walked up, committed the crime and ran off. He was affiliated with Nipsey, and this was not gang-related, but personal. From what I read, Nipsey asked him to leave the premises, because he was a known informant. He took offense and fired back.

Whatever you may or may not believe, a true inspiration passed, and the name was written in cement even before this tragic incident. My thing personally is, why now? I believe there’s many layers to this life. Things that we would never know. Nipsey was a man of the people. Nipsey had survived the gang life so for him to go out like this? It doesn’t seem fair. A lot of people live and die over, “my name is my name.”

UPDATE (4/17/19):

Eric Holder (Shitty Cuz) is in custody and plans to plead not guilty. Nipsey’s brother, Blacc Sam, in an LA Times interview, speaks on the last moments. After receiving the call, he made it to the scene before the ambulance did. Nip was still alive. From research, I believe what happened is, Eric Holder came for a job because Nip hires felons, but due to Eric being home early, it was suspected he was an informant. Nip told Eric, it’s not safe for you here, and if you’re not a snitch, show me proof. Eric came back firing. Since Nip hires felons, no one there had a gun. Eric had the chance to shoot 3, run away, come back, shoot 3 more plus kick him. Supposedly, after the first shots, Nip said, “you got it, you got me, it’s cool.” The character of Nipsey….

When Blacc Sam found him breathing, he thought, he’s supposed to make it because he shouldn’t be breathing, however, it wasn’t until the ambulance arrived, and they lifted him, that the fatal shot to the head was seen. Blacc Sam believes it was a hit. I wouldn’t put it off, personally though, I feel it was some hating shit. My boy, Mike, strongly believes same. So strongly, he has made a pact to call hatred out off top, “like why?” Nip was his guy.

The world has reacted, and Eric Holder is now being represented by Chris Darden, infamously known for trying to prosecute OJ Simpson. Not sure how true, but Holder plans to make the claim that LAPD offered him 75k for the killing, and how he would not get caught.

This man’s impact was an incredible feat. Not many can do that while remaining loyal to their roots, and for that, the marathon will continue. What’s eerie is the words said in his final record, Racks In The Middle, and his final tweet.

The spirit from his close friends and family show the stength Nipsey carried. Share stories and updates below. Rest In Peace.




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