Byron & Ben Hit A 3Peat

When I started writing this, Byron and Ben surprise-released 33.

A week later, they surprise-released Behold, It’s Us.

And as if the two surprise drops were not enough, just 10 days after Behold, It’s Us, they released ALL.

3 projects totaling 19 songs within a month, Byron and Ben stepped on necks and successfully completed a 3Peat. Probably exaggerated, but Byron once said that him and Ben have made 1000 songs.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 8.49.29 PM


I see a lot of parallels between Byron and Jay Z. And if Jay made 33, the world would be in flames right now. That’s brand loyalty. I didn’t think 4:44 was that nice, and I will stand tall on the mound saying 33 is harder. Always said if someone else made 4:44, it wouldn’t receive the same praise (brand loyalty).

Music is a balancing act between those involved, and it ultimately boils down to the lyrical performance (songwriting and delivery), production, and engineering. Byron and Ben simply outdid Jay, No I.D., and Young Guru here.


Behold, It’s Us is different though. While 33 eerily reminded me of 4:44Behold, It’s Us, is something else. With only Magic (track 3) giving me that 4:44 hint, on this cut, they often drift from normalcy giving Byron’s vocals an iller touch, that resulted in a sicker feel.


The final piece to the puzzle, ALL, sounds like how it feels as day fades and night begins to take over.

Byron felt very vulnerable throughout these tapes. More vulnerable than I ever heard. And trust, there has been some moments. The subject matter of these tracks range from hate, death, love, family, friendships, and everything that intertwines.

Music is tough. The energy has to be right on all sides of that triangle I explained earlier. But that’s not the only obstacle. So while Byron sits on one of the most solid discographies I have ever come across in this day and age, an era in which I believe the true underground is Twitter and Instagram, consumers are not seeing it unless it pops up on their feed. And even if it does, that doesn’t mean they will check it out. Art is tougher than ever due to these circumstances. There has to be a “legitimate” reason that stirs the consumer’s curiosity to click a link. Trolls are up 100-10 because of this, but slow and steady the real will always prevail.

We will continue to support those deserving so give the art a chance and show some love to both Byron and Ben. 3peating isn’t easy.

Some of my standouts; The Lord’s Song, Ateolate, and Pegassi Flow.



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