Larry June Doing Numbers, Just Hit A 3Peat Also

Very Peaceful, Early Bird, The Port Of San Francisco, and even releasing his own hat recently, the ATL-Bay Area rapper has been on fire. “Numbers.”

Check our last post on Larry.


“No jewelry on, but this my own fitted cap.” Larry June on 1987 Vette from The Port Of San Francisco.

A New Era 59Fifty with green under the brim, colorway and logo resembling SF Giants, these sold out quick.


For me, Larry’s music embodies what I’m working towards and how I feel with life. I need to make more, save more, live better and healthier. I have a lot of goals and I plan to see them through. Whether I succeed or fail I’m going to try, and I need to be my best self if time ever calls. Want it all but don’t require everything.

Review? I bounce back between albums with this being my favorite, Early Bird in second, and Very Peaceful, third. I’ll leave the rest up to the interpreter. I’m just here to bridge you to what I’m listening to, and maybe you’ll feel it too.

So give the music a listen and show Larry June some love. Below is a 2017 tape I like also. Along with the video to his freestyle over Shyne’s Bad Boyz.

Oh yeah, we stamp, Larry’s music has some of the best adlibs in the game.




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