Thoughts On IGOR

DJ Khaled had a few things to say in a now deleted Instagram post about Tyler going #1 on Billboard. “I make real music you can hear, not no mysterious shit.” Now I don’t agree with Khaled but it’s extremely hilarious and I’ll let you know my thoughts on the mysterious music that is IGOR.

Captured by chilling synths (production on intro is insane) as we’re introduced to IGOR, my head instantly perked up, and by album’s end, I picked it for the best sounding Tyler album.

One of my favorite moments on the album is Playboi Carti floating on Earfquake. One of my least favorite moments is the bridge in I Think (the groove is ruined, and that bridge should just be an outro), and Kanye’s feature (smh stop disrespecting the music).

When news rose about a new Tyler project, my first thoughts were, “will Tyler finally find himself?” My ears would not let Tyler escape the Pharrell influence while I wanted Tyler to break-through and stand on his own. I didn’t have these feelings when Bastard or Goblin released. Tyler ended up landing in the same realm that Solange Knowles, Dev Hynes, Frank Ocean’s Blonde and A$AP Rocky’s TESTING lives in. Maybe Rocky was right when he said this is where music is headed (his response when speaking on TESTING).

The new music is joyful, carefree, and pure, despite the subject matter, Tyler frolics through a field of lush sonics accompanied by a range of names guiding him through a whirlwind of emotion. Solange, Kali Uchis, Kanye West and Pharrell to name a few. Tyler is not a singer by any means, so the choice to use the high-pitched vocal effects is what needed to be done (along with actual singers in the back).

I have positive and negative energy for IGOR. On one side of the spectrum, this album is arguably his best, a solid listen, and one in which he matured. On the other side of the spectrum, I haven’t really listened to the album since the week of it’s release. I don’t like the realm of music IGOR sits in, it’s music for chic boutiques and Urban Outfitters (what the hell is that Gone Gone record? IGOR starts strong and begins to fade at about track 7. Just end the album there!). If this is the future of music like Rocky claims, I am perfectly fine living in the past. Please don’t try to classify this style of music as new R&B.

I once listened to Tyler for his presence, not so much the lyrical content, but what he stood for. Now we all evolve as humans, I simply don’t feel that same energy anymore. Odd Future was once a movement, and now that revolution is no longer. Amazing producer though.

Check the music and leave your thoughts. I’m not a writer.



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