CardoGotLarry Drops On The Same Weekend As MadGibbs, Bandana Does Not Disappoint

Good weekend indeed.

Larry June x Cardo – Mr. Midnight.

Larry’s hot streak continues with Mr. Midnight, an album produced in full by Cardo. Featuring Curren$y and Jay Worthy, I shed internal tears a minute into the album. “I know you think bout me all the time, why you ain’t call the kid?……. if I can’t do it then I’m fake, so fuck ppl now.” Larry’s pen is in no way hurting and it might be safe to say he is very much entering or is currently in his prime. If he’s only entering? Watch out.

Something interesting I’ve encountered with Larry’s music though, is the ease of listen, and with each new release, it’s rare for me to go back to the older tapes. Larry’s day-to-day raps leaves me more in tune with the present and plans on the future than the past. But this could be because of how I am as a person.

Madlib x Freddie Gibbs – Bandana.


Off top, Piñata let me down and Bandana didn’t.

Not to say Piñata wasn’t a solid piece of work, I just expected more. I’m not the biggest Madlib fan, my preference has always been Dilla, but I recognize and respect legends. Seeing Madlib team with Gibbs was interesting to say the least, and after the video for Shame, man I was on the train.

I boarded a train leading me to an album that didn’t fully reel me in. My attention-span is short, and I probably moved on without digesting the album properly, but I was gone and didn’t care to come back.


Ok, Bandana for real. Not many fillers on this.

And that’s the thing. My attention-span is short. It’s the reason why, after a while, Westside Gunn’s music (almost every Griselda release) did nothing for me. I need more than a 2-4bar loop. Madlib’s chops are definitely mystical and unique, but I needed a splash of something to keep me in-tune.

That’s where Bandana excels for me. I believe the beats are better (mixes are better), but the beat-switches and skits raise it a notch. I believe moments like Freddie on a Madlib trap beat, Freddie sliding Situations and Gat Damn, in the manner he did, raise the album a notch. With zero expectations for Bandana, I was impressed by the effort from an odd Hiphop duo. It sounds well-thought out and ended up being well-put together.

The pairing is odd, and though many love Piñata, it’s Bandana that proves to me it can and will work. Freestyle Sh*t, the switch from Half Manne to Half Cocaine, Crime Pays, the beat to Massage Seats, Killer Mike on Palmolive, the skit at the end of Palmolive, the switch on Fake Names, Situations, the skit at the end of Situations.  

Madlib called Gibbs a rapper, one of the greatest compliments you can receive as a rapper, and from a legend at that. Madlib said these beats are from the CDs Kanye passed on, “Kanye was taking too long. Gibbs took all those beats and rapped on them.” It wasn’t until lately where I feel like Gibbs began to cement himself. It started with Fetti for me. Some of the tapes previously were ehhh to me, but he’s starting to really position himself in my eyes.

Take the time to peep the new music and see for yourself. I’m not a writer.



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