WHAT A SHOW. Found out my car was towed once it ended but the experience was worth it. Lowkey on the same run Tony was on before he let Chris go (Sopranos).

All photography captured by Alejandro Cedillo.

I was present for a showcase that featured a few designers and their brands, including New Orleans-Houston designer Mary Nguyen‘s IAMAI. A new women’s wear line that I’m predicting a big boom for once the collection officially releases.

This same show had FADE EM ALL performing to cap off the night, but due to the extremely chilly weather, the band’s performance was cut short (outdoors show). Our last Fade Em All post I said I wanted to catch these guys live, so I was disappointed in how that particular night turned out.

BRINGING US TO THE 6TH OF JULY AT 1505 WESTHEIMER AKA ‘FADER NIGHT’. As we walked to the location, major chord progressions began to fill the air. And as we entered this location, through the house to the backyard, house looked like it worked as a pop up spot, we were met by a crowd of youthful energy while Rusk (lead singer) paced around the stage, his conglomerates Canyon (bass), Corey (drums) and Oscar (electric guitar) backing him.

FINALLY. After some time, I got to see the marvel, a quest I’ve set myself on ever since hearing the debut album. There was an energy to FADE EM ALL I had to witness before the chaos really began. They’re onto something and they know it (as do I).

Their self-titled debut put them in a really favorable position to make moves. We’re looking forward to the new material which Rusk said is on the way.

So go check the video above and show the guys some love. Congratulations to them boys on the Matt Martians album placement (production credit) as well as rocking out with John Shanks of Bon Jovi (that was cool).



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