PushaTonOfYe Walks To The Mound For Another At Bat



Always speculated the project Push was working on before Kanye took over probably had harder beats.

KING PUSH, the album before DAYTONA, was supposed to be produced by the Neptunes, then, Push was tapping producers like Timbaland, Neptunes and Kanye before Kanye completely took the reins.

DAYTONA is a good piece of work but I need the one that’ll solidify Push’s solo career to the people. He’s one of the greatest in my book, but to the masses, he still has a point to prove. My favorite solo work at the moment is Darkest Before Dawn.

Love that choice of snare.

The Kash Doll feature is a perfect business/musical move (underrated mind), and that track from Kanye x Plain Pat is absolutely the pocket Push excels in. FREE PUSHA T AND WATCH HIM EAT.

Featuring Lauryn Hill. Produced by Charlie Heat, Mike Dean and Kanye.

Push drops back-to-back in what sounds like cuts from sessions on the road to DAYTONA. “Before Obama we had Eric B,” is a hot line. A new album is indeed on the way!

Another one produced by Kanye, Push let the world know when speaking to Ebro in a conversation yesterday. We are hype



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