The Kanye Produced Albums (Summer ’18) + YANDHI Leak

Stemming off the last post, let’s talk about the Kanye produced albums that released over a 5-week span during the Summer of ’18.


DAYTONA. I was actually underwhelmed off the first listen. @mjr_Dro said it was luxury coke rap, and I said the beats weren’t hard enough. I needed that superhero rap music, and aside from If You Know and Games We Play, the beats were whatever (artwork super tough though). I found myself listening to the album days upon days after the drop. TESTING was getting no love in my deck. Later I found myself deeming it AOTY. Testament to the album or a weak competitive field?

YE. Probably the weakest of the bunch, I was excited when it dropped, outstanding intro, and less than satisfied over the days to come. I went back to DAYTONA real quick. The art is wack and the rhymes are mid. “Different type of leader, we could be in North Korea, I could smoke with Wiz Khalifa…. they been tryna test my Ghandi, just because I’m dressed like Abercrombie.”

KIDS SEE GHOSTS. As quickly as I wrote Kanye off for his effort on YE, he reeled me back on his bout with Cudi. ART IS TOUGH, and the title track holds one of my favorite Kanye verses in recent memory (raw energy). This was sort of the level I was hoping Pusha T would receive production-wise. These beats were filthy, and I almost shed tears for Reborn and the end of Cudi Montage.

Two sidenotes. Yasiin is amazing as what he does. He glides so effortlessly and eloquently over everything. Two, the KIDS SEE GHOSTS performance, where Kanye and Cudi are in the floating stage, yeah, they should rehearse, and abandon the floating stage idea altogether.

NASIR. Ok, YE was bad but this had to be the most disappointing. I thought the effort on YE was poor but really? Even Diddy’s shit-talking was lacking. Nas is sounding really washed right about now. No one’s forcing you to rap, Nas, you can stop if you want.

This short made me appreciate the album more. Pairing films with music is a wave everyone should try to catch.

K.T.S.E. The most fumbled bag, Teyana should be bigger, no? 3k first week sales is quite the blunder. Nothing from that camp should do those kind of numbers. Had this one high on the totem pole out the gate. It’s sitting on the backend with YE and NASIR these days.

Good to see her videos for the album with solid numbers.

DAYTONA, KIDS, NASIR, K.T.S.E., YE. That’s the order.

Being spoiled with how 808’s shifted to MBDTF to WTT to YEEZUS, the production on these albums took me back to a Graduation time. The choice in drum, and overall quality/color of the production sounded revamped and freshened up from that universe. Could be a pro or con depending on the person.

WHY NO ONE TOLD ME YANDHI LEAKED. Life Of Pablo was so weak, I wanted So Help Me GodYE gets no spins, but this, when 80degrees first leaked, that’s only something a musician like Kanye could do, and though this album leak are just rough drafts, I’ll take this over Pablo and YE anyday.

My guess is that this purposely leaked because he’s scrapping the idea. Ty Dolla might as well be G.O.O.D.

Even in the beginning stages, there’s some real thoughts. “Time isn’t real, money isn’t real…. human race, we all one.” I personally don’t care for a new Kanye album, but the direction this one was headed, it would’ve been nice to see the finished product. It probably sounds best unfinished.



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