A$AP Rocky Fumbled The Bag

Y’all seen his new drop? He needs to be jailed again.


Trolling but seriously, WTF.

THE FACTOR. Rocky had it. He could’ve been the next rap superstar, and that’s where the disappointment lies.

Rocky was blessed with the voice, delivery, easy-to-listen-to-flow, superstar confidence and swag to match. The world was in his palms after Live.Love.A$AP.

Instead, rap wasn’t in his plans. Rocky entered the fashion world, dropped a few mediocre albums and let the ship sail. TESTING sounded like it was going to be great. Not quite. I enjoyed the loose singles more than the album.

AND SO WE WAIT. Rocky is still a successful artist/creative, but he could’ve mingled in the same league as Jay, Ye and Drake. The ceiling he created for himself is a few tiers below them.

What are y’all thoughts? Did Rocky ever have superstar potential? I don’t think Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole can fill that void. Drake either, though he is proclaimed for having the crown. The next big thing needs to be able to dabble with the backpackers, cool kids, ladies, this person needs to have the power to set trends and the power to crossover. It’s been a long time since we’ve felt a force that strong. Drake has too much going against him to be the number one rappers.

Rap is a young man’s sport yet Jay Z is still here 30 years later. That’s representative of where we’re at in commercial rap. Alarming. Who will break through and shift the paradigm?




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