Jaytona Got It

Whatever “it” is, Jaytona got it.

“Konnect 4 Vol. 2 did this shhh again….”

Tona taps the twins, Siddiq and Jay Smith, for Vol. 2. Vol. 1 mentioned in this post.

VOL. 1. Tona let his personality fly as he laced each record with ill rhymes and catchy hooks. The situation is no different on Vol. 2. Production on 2 is a little darker, and both volumes can be compared to their covers in terms of how the music sound. 1 was more Siddiq while 2 is more Jay.

NAWFSIDE. Tona could care less about what outsiders have to say, and he has no breath to waste on those who don’t support. He’s going to work and it’s going to work.

The ‘4’ in Konnect ‘4’ is 44 for Acres Home, a neighborhood located in Northside Houston. Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Slim Thug are from the area.

AND IT’S WORKING JUST FINE. Tona possesses an artistic vision different from others in today’s climate. I come across a lot of people working towards making their album ‘perfect’. Tona creates space in his music to highlight the imperfections in himself, and his process of making music. Humans are imperfect so the theory of perfecting art is insane.


THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC. A bit after Vol. 1, and slightly before Vol. 2, we linked with Tona for the first time, what you see is what you get. There’s no rap cap because it was never an image, and that’s partly why I believe Tona got it. It’s just him speaking when you hear the music, and with that, sky’s the limit. Not to mention rap is effortless for Tona. He’s a workhorse.

With Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 beginning and ending the summer, Tona kicked off the fall season with Out The Pack, give all the music a spin and show some love if you’re feeling it. 2019 has been good for Jaytona. Be on the lookout for what’s to come.



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